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  1. Good evening, I hope you all can help me out with some minor issues I have been having with my Hyperspin Arcade setup. I am using Hyperspin 1.4 and the latest version of Rocket Launcher UI ( I recently ran rocketlauncher and it updated a whole bunch of files. Everything seems to be working but with one miner issue. I can launch Hyperspin, browse through menus, enter in and back out just fine. I can launch the emulators and games just fine (Keys and credits all work). I have it set to exit the emulator with a hold of the (1+3, or ESC). It shows the thanks for playing and goes back to Hyperspin, but loses focus. I cannot control Hyperspin until I alt + tab back into the program. I am using joy2key as my mapper. On the rocket launcher UI I have tried disabling all of the hide features (taskbar, cursor) are all set to false. I have tried enabling the restore front end, restore and click, and disabled but nothing seems to work. The only two programs open after I escape the emulator is Joy2key and hyperspin. Any ideas? Thanks for any suggestions. Josh RocketLauncher.zip
  2. Are you still handing out discount codes? I would love to get a lifetime membership to emumovies. Just did the $45 dollar platinum upgrade!
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