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  1. Not yet - I'm still sorting through how to piece together Hyperspin + MAME + the controls.
  2. Yes - Fallout is not an arcade game, but I wanted to set up a cabinet from the Fallout universe anyway. Consider this a tribute. The cabinet is an old NBA Jams game that an arcade owner had converted over to a bowling game that no longer worked. It was a bit beat up (and cheap) and I thought that the Fallout theme would also make up for any nicks, dents or flaws. http://imgur.com/a/CQwe1#0 Graphics came from dozens of web sources and were mashed together to cover up for low resolution issues. The controls are your basic X-Arcade Tankstick with some home-grown graphics overlaid. This was my first build and I didn't have the ability or tools to build my own controls - this was my best solution for a first go-around. These pics highlight a lot of detail due to lighting adjustments. Outside of the Vault Boy colors, everything else blends in very well. (It's not as busy as it might look in these pix.) There you go. First cabinet and I'm starting to load it with Hyperspin. Off to the rest of the forum to find some noob Hyperspin help...
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