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  1. XPin here... There are way to many forums to keep track of. This is the first I have heard of a power problem with XPin on virtual Pins. Can you help me understand what you are seeing? Xpin feel free to email me via the tech support on the xpinpinball.com site.
  2. To my friends on Hyperspin! Wanted to let you know that I now have some inventory of my Low Voltage versions of my very popular Dot Matrix display. Check them out at http://www.xpinpinball.com/products/displays/XP-DMD4096LV If you are interested, make sure you select the LV versions. I made some changes with the virtual pin hobbyists in mind by providing a 4 pin PC power connector, like you would plug a disk drive into. I did this so you wouldn't have to use a custom cable connection. The XPin display is compatible with Russ Pirie's very popular pinDMD product. Keep flippin! Brett Davis XPin
  3. XPin here! My thanks to Aurich for his verification. I will go ahead and address the ordering and availability. I haven't added any 5v versions of the DMD to my website yet, but they will be added. Until that time, you can place and pay for an order. I would ask that you follow up with an email indicating that you need the 5v version. For those of you outside the US, I have found that if you email me at [email protected], it is better because I will then generate a direct paypal invoice with appropriate shipping charges. Feel free to email me any questions! I don't frequent this forum as often as others so email is the best way to get to me! Regards, XPin
  4. If you are interested in the 5V version of the LED DMD, just send an email to [email protected] I currently am ramping production for the standard version. The 5V version is supported with just some component changes and easy to run side by side. I am unsure of the interest though because I never new this group existed. If I get enough interest I will initiate a build of 20 or more. I would be interested to know what colors you are looking for. Regards, Brett Davis XPin Designer
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