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  1. 203 downloads

    Fade do sistema Locomalito Quando você está determinado a faze algo, a crítica negativa se torna um fator de motivação.
  2. 78 downloads

    Pointer do sistema Locomalito (16:9) (4:3) Based out of Spain, Locomalito is one of a handful of independent game-crafters working out of Europe. A couple of things set him apart, however. The first thing is that with the exception of one title (which is simply a super-juiced up “EX” version and is worth the dough), Locomalito’s entire game library is available as freeware. Yes, that means he offers it to you, the gamer, free of charge on his website. The second (and equally obvious) thing separating Loco from the pack: EVERY SINGLE GAME is a handcrafted, authentic, exquisite blend of the old and the new.
  3. 67 downloads

    Wheel personalizada do sistema Locomalito (16:9) (4:3)
  4. 377 downloads

    Fade do sistema Pinball FX3
  5. 189 downloads

    Pointer do sistema Pinball FX3 (16:9) & (4:3)
  6. 180 downloads

    Pointer do sistema Sega Triforce 16:9 e 4:3
  7. 50 downloads

    Bezel do Sistema MGT Sam Coupe (16:9)
  8. 93 downloads

    Fade do Sistema MGT Sam Coupe (16:9)
  9. 58 downloads

    Bezel do Siostema Pioneer Palcom Laserdisc (16:9)
  10. 87 downloads

    Fade do Sistema Pioneer Palcom Laserdisc (16:9)
  11. 130 downloads

    Bezel Horizontal e vertical do sistema Beat 'Em Up (16:9)
  12. 261 downloads

    Fade do Sistema Beat 'Em Up (16:9)
  13. 195 downloads

    Fade do sistema Atari 2600 (16:9)
  14. 176 downloads

    Fade do sistema OUYA (16:9)
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