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  1. I'm running into an issue with button combos. I'm using xarcade tankstick. I've set it up in a way that i use the side button to exit. Instead of esc I have it as v. When we are playing, in the heat of an epic battle, someone bumps v, and shame is dealt for ruining the greatest gaming moment ever. I want to set it up as a button combo or hold. The problem is, if I set the multi press or hold or capture it throws autohotkey.dll error. Wtf? Is there a manual language the RLUI will accept? Why is it ~esc, instead of just esc? I've tried various versions of this to no avail. Any suggestions? Thanks, KillaBLK
  2. I set the game exit hotkey in RL to use my tankstick preconfig with v. It works as expected. Then i set each game from the emulator. I just wish there was a way to configure all the games at once. Seems tough though due to the variety of shooters, drivers, ECT.
  3. Oh nice! I think this is exactly what I was imagining. This looks like a game changer! Thanks guys.
  4. KillaBLK

    N64 Emulator

    Are u launching in RL? Are your extensions set up right? Are your roms zipped? Are your roms on an external drive? Did u already figure this out?
  5. Any new thoughts on this? I couldn' get RA or standalone Mupen64 working with RL. I just got the latest version of Project64 to launch... Finally! It isn' quite right yet tho.
  6. Would that be done in HyperHQ in the Startup/Exit tab? What about if you wanted to have sub menu wheels? How do you create them? Then what do you do with the artwork for them to draw from?
  7. Is it possible to create a menu within a menu? I am just starting my genre xml experiment. I like the idea of having say a gun genre, then within that have different genres. Can it be done simply with Notepad ++?
  8. I was just wondering if I could do this! Is it done through hyperhq?
  9. Yes.... after months of trial and error in my spare time... this was the last grueling launch issue! So much bad advise out there. Thank you!
  10. Hey noob here. Where do I find my xml files?
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