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  1. Thanks for the suggestion, i've been trying for the last 2 hours and no luck. It just seems like something is blocking the script but i have no way to know. I'll keep trying.
  2. Yup, i tried internal and external in both global and the system level. This morning i even created a profile for the MAME rom 1941 and changed c to 5 and z to 5. 5 is my insert coin key so i figured that would be easy to test. Using the green lighting bolt in rocket launcher i was able to quickly test and see that both c and z now are 5, which is good. So a put the AHK method as internal for MAME and fired up the rom 1941, and the button for insert coin that worked was 5. z and c did nothing. So i tried the AHK method as external and same results. Then i changed them to use global and made the global AHK method as internal, and then as external and both did nothing. I have no idea what i'm doing wrong. Do I need to install the program auto hot key for these to work? I thought Rocket Launcher had it built in, but maybe i'm wrong. It just seems like AHK scripts are ignored when I launch anything. I also tried adding a post script for another game to just press Enter for me, and i couldn't get that script to do anything either. I even used one of the example scripts that come with Rocket Launcher and it did nothing. Just seems like i'm missing an option to turn AHK "On". Is there a certain log i could check to see what might be going on?
  3. I have the latest version of RL and Hyperspin and i just added Visual Pinball (specifically VPX) to my setup. I need to bind my side pinball buttons to different buttons on my control panel so my kids who have short arms can play pinball. I've setup Visual Pinball in Hyperspin and Rocket Launcher, and it loads my games just fine from Hyperspin or directly from Rocketlauncher. I created a profile for the Emulator (in this case Visual Pinball 10) and created my two hot keys. I clicked the green lightning button in RocketLauncher keymapper to test if it worked, and i'm able to see my hotkeys work properly in that test window that pops up. Then I click to launch any one of my pinball tables, and the hotkeys no longer work. I've tried this through Hyperspin as well as directly from Rocketlauncher and neither worked. I went back and created profile for the system, that didn't work, so then I tried a profile for a specific game, and still nothing. Is there anything I may be overlooking? I also followed the instructions found in the link below. Any help would be great. Of if there's a better way to accomplish this, i'm happy to try anything. http://www.rlauncher.com/wiki/index.php?title=Internal_remapping_of_keys_(for_SSF_and_similar) I even tried to leave that test window open and launch Visual Pinball manually without rocketlauncher or hyperspin and that actually creates an issue with the flippers. One side will get "stuck" in the up position while the other side won't function at all. This goes away once i close that test window and restart the application.
  4. I actually ended up not using bezels at all. I have all the MAME ones downloaded and in the proper folder so I can turn them on if needed, or even see the instruction card for a game which i find more helpful than i originally thought i would. Sorry, not a lot of help on this one.
  5. Okay that makes sense. I feel like i went through a similar situation before figuring it all out. Are you all set then? Need anything else?
  6. The way i understand it, the rom is iteagle, which i have. You only need 3 folders (CHD, iteagle, and gtfore06). My CHD folder only has a single file in it, my gtfore06 has zero files in it, and the iteagle is made up of 16 files. I'm a little confused when you say the ROM and iteagle are the same size, because the ROM is iteagle. I know it took me a while to get a good CHD file for this so depending on where you got it, it may have extra files in it. As far as audio stutter, go into the dip switch menu and change the resolution to low. This will cut down some audio stutter but you'll likely have some yet. This game is pretty resources intensive and without a blazing fast CPU, its hard not to have stutter. The stutter seems worse in the menus than the actual game so its still very playable for me. Let me know if you need any additional explanation.
  7. I'm not using Mameui64, but just the standard mame64. In my ROM folder I have a regular folder (not zipped) called "gtfore06", and that has one file in it called "golf_fore_complete_v6.00.01.chd". Then in the same ROM folder i have a zipped folder called "gtfore06" with nothing in it. The only reason that zipped folder is there is so when Mame searches for it, it finds it. And lastly i have the zipped folder "iteagle", which is made up of 16 different files. Does that help?
  8. Oh okay, thank you very much. This tells me its just not a feature of Hyperspin so I won't worry about it.
  9. Are there any dev's that can confirm this will not work in Hyperspin without an update of some sort? I was told by someone that Hyperspin doesn't reinitialize the audio, and it won't until an update is released. Just curious how true that is. As of right now I can't tell if this is a bug on a few systems, or a feature that hasn't been added yet.
  10. I'm no expert but it seems like a low latency audio option. When I enable it, it sounds a lot better. Here is what the official release stated: We’ve received a contributed PortAudio output module and integrated it in this release. This provides a cross-platform low latency audio output solution. Performance should be similar to Steinberg ASIO on Windows 7 or later without the licensing issues, and better than SDL audio on Linux. It can be enabled by setting the sound parameter to portaudio on the command line or in an ini file. Of course, all the other audio output modules are still supported, so if you're happy with your current setup you don’t have to change anything.
  11. Can someone please reply to this that is using .182, has portaudio enabled and is using hyperspin? I want to know if this is an issue with all Hyperspin installs or is it just a few specific installs? i don't see any other posts about Port Audio so its hard to tell if anyone is using it or not. Feel helpless with this issue.
  12. I'm glad to see its not just me having this issue...just hope someone can figure out how to fix it.
  13. I am running the latest version of MAME64, Hyperspin, and RocketLauncher. I enabled port audio with new settings below, and now when i launch a game from Hyperspin, I get no audio at all. The games play normal, but with no sound. If I exit, Hyperspin has sound. I tried launching ROMs from MAME64 directly, and they sound perfect. I also launched from within RocketLauncherUI and they work perfect there too. Any help?? # # OSD SOUND OPTIONS # sound portaudio audio_latency 1 # # PORTAUDIO OPTIONS # pa_api "Windows WDM-KS" pa_device default pa_latency 0.001
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