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  1. Hi Guys, I have a Hyperspin set up on windows for my cab but Ive just set up on my Shield (Android version) and its working great. I was wondering though can I just copy over the database, Settings, Media Files, Roms etc... from my Windows version to Android?
  2. I have already got Hyperspin all set up on my pc running into my arcade cab (so got files, artwork, roms etc..) can I easily move this over to my android box (Being Nvidia Shield) or are the systems (windows - Android) totally different set ups?
  3. Just wondering if there is any sort of fix for hyper HQ crashing on Windows 10? Other than running in compatability mode which I find still crashes but lasts a bit longer.
  4. Arrr OK right, I'll give that a try. Thank you Sent from my D6603 using Tapatalk
  5. Sorted now, not sure how, but none of the rom only or anything was ticket, so I ticked them all one by one and tried them and then unticked and they now work lol ??? On another note, when I tick rom only it wont go into the game menu, why is that?
  6. Im sure its probably something basic ive missed but when I try to launch a PS2 game via HS nothing happens. It doesnt launch from the Rocket Launcher menu either. Its working direct from the Emulator itself (PCSX2) , but just not from Hyperspin or RL itself. Any ideas guys?
  7. **Just sorted it now** In Hyper HQ I changed Execution to Normal rather than Hyperlaunch Ok so still struggling, so made a quick video of what I get and what my settings are, hopefully someone in the know can point out the problem.
  8. Can someone give me the heads up on adding a PC Game to the wheel please? Ive added it in hyper HQ so it shows in the wheel, but it wont launch and also ive just downloaded this pack and cannot for the life of me recall where to place the files, i'd really appreciate and help and advice. The game im trying to add is Street Fighter V , but I do have other ids like to add to.
  9. Thanks, wonder why it didnt get synced when I did it??
  10. Emumovies doesnt seem to have a video for the Wii and I hate the blank box saying go to Emumovies. Does anyone have one I could use?
  11. Got the hyperspin ready set now and all tables found, only problem now is the table I load up comes up with an error or it crashes the program.
  12. So ive set Future Pinball up and have all the roms (tables) set it all up in RL (poiniting to the correct folders) but it wouldnt find any roms in the audit, then I realised the names were not matching to the RL table names, so I renamed a couple identically (as I cut and pasted the correct names from RL) then tried an audit to see if it brought up the 2 tables i'd just renamed and it didnt. Im all out of ideas if anyone has any that can help, please please let me know. Ive added some pics of my file paths etc..
  13. Do you have any pics of your build, im thinking of adding the gun to and would love to see pics of it. Does it work well? Sent from my D6603 using Tapatalk
  14. I have just followed this you tube vid from simply austin, done everything he says but I keep getting this screen when I select a game. The same game works and opens fine in mame but when I open via one of the classics wheels get this message, what am I doing wrong??
  15. Brilliant, that sorted the problem. Next is to create a roms folder and rename them as the audit isnt finding any games, think my MAME roms are named different than these ones, work fine in MAME but not on here so thinking the database may be named wrong?
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