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  1. I'll second that! Love the pedestal look. So clean and colorful. Love the artwork tower. Very nice work. My mame cabinet has the same x-arcade controller except without the trackball.. (a decision I have regretted)... but my next project will be built around a Centipede Cabinet so the trackball will be a must. Looks great (and sounds great in the vid!) Kudos
  2. Hey Hyperspinners! I picked up a Centipede cab through a local ad. It has been gutted (i.e. no monitor, arcade board, or controls). Sideart, Marquee, and Bezel are intact and though it needs some work I plan to keep the original artwork the same and put a MAME machine inside. My question is what all do I need to interface with the computer? I would like to obviously have a trackball, one joystick (suggestions welcome for 8-way or what I should use) and 2-3 buttons. Do I use a Jpac to interface? Will that work with the trackball too or does it need it's own interface? The goal is to have it look like an authentic Centipede machine (save for a joystick) and play the classic era games (two player if it is turn-based using only one controller) so I don't think I need a bunch of buttons and I want to use the existing control panel if I can (just drill a few more holes for the controller and any extra buttons). Sorry this post is so disjointed. Any help or suggestions are welcome. Want to use it for games like: frogger, centipede, donkey kong, pacman, asteroids, etc., etc. Thanks guys! p.s. Once I have the controller layout figured out I play to get a proper Control Panel Overlay printed (in the style of the original one with the extra placements for the controller and any extra buttons).
  3. Thank you very much for your reply. After reading through the article I will caution my approach. As of right now I have a working machine that plays Grand Champion perfectly... so I might leave well enough alone. But if I do decide to delve into it I'll be sure and post about my progress.
  4. Hello fellow 'Spinners' first off I want to thank everyone on this site for all of their hardwork, dedication and all-out awesomeness at creating, maintaining, and resurrecting this 'retro' scene. I first discovered Hyperspin about 8 months ago when I began work on my first MAME cabinet and have never looked back! Though I haven't formally introduced myself nor posted on these forums before I have read alot of the posts and gotten so much help from everyone here that I feel like I know some of you already. Today I come to you with a question (or several maybe). I recently bought an old 'Grand Champion' standup driving cabinet (Taito, 1981) everything works great and all, but I just wonder what the process would be to use the Steering Wheel, Accelerator pedal, and Low/high shifter with mame? Can you interface these through a computer? Or am I gonna be faced with scrapping them in place of a USB equivalent? They obviously work with the arcade board that is in there, but does anyone on here have any experience with converting single game driving cabinets into Mame cabinets that would play several driving games using the existing hardware? I am honestly torn between fixing this one up and leaving it original (as it is more than 30 years old) or still cleaning it up, but converting it to Mame to be my 'racing game' cabinet. Any opinions would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!
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