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  1. Close! Sorry for not being entirely clear. Some of the games do require vJoy, but not all of them... there's a spreadsheet in the link provided that shows what methodology is needed to remap controls for a keyboard encoder. The folders I provided are the profiles I setup in vJoy, AHK, joy2key, etc. Examples: Angry birds games: AHK used to rebind keys to mouse functions. Profiles based on IPAC4 and could be remapped for any mouse based game (AHK profile provided) The Blue Estate: Used an AimTrak light gun. Buttons are Gamepad Buttons in AimTrak config. Used Joy2Key and AHK to map gamepad buttons to Switch Weapon [Left Button] and Reload/Cover [Right Button] (AHK and Joy2Key profiles provided) Mortal Kombat Komplete (MK9) VJoy/X360CE profiles. Profiles are based on IPAC4. Note: Used this method rather than x360kb because I want X360 icons (x360ce) and blocked keys (VJoy) (vJoy profile and x360ce files provided) I also provided the PCLauncher.ini file which shows where the EXE file is to launch each game, a AppWaitExe where applicable, as well as the Pre/Post launch programs (exe's I built to enable/disable vJoy) that need to be used. Does that make sense? If it isn't helpful, no worries.. It would have just saved me a lot of time when I was first learning how to do all of this stuff.
  2. Hello, Everyone. Since they're pretty painful to figure out sometimes, I thought I'd share my PC game control mappings with everyone. Everything I use along with a google spreadsheet with notes is in a link below: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B6HDK020hAlibGN3WWZzSUdoUmM A few things to consider: I use 95% default MAME controls on an IPAC4. I have remapped the ALT key as it was causing problems on Windows during 4-player button mashing sessions As long as your inputs are keyboard-based, you should be able to change one copy of the the vjoy and x360kb files and replace them for most other games. X360ce is tied to VJoy 100% of the time, so you should only have to change vJoy and everything else should be mapped out. My IPAC4 key mappings are as below:
  3. I'll give it a shot on my W10 machine at some point to see if there's anything that can be done.Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G920A using Tapatalk
  4. It was just conflicting. I'm running Windows 7 myself.. give the .bat files a spin on your machine and see what you get. I tested it out on my laptop (Windows 8.1) and the .bat files weren't working until I set devcon to run as a system admin. After I did that, the .bat files working like a charm on Windows 8. I'd guess based on the documentation site that it would work on Windows 10 as well..
  5. So.. I love VJoy for what it is, however some games/programs hate it. The usual undesirable behavior I run into is the game detecting a joystick giving "UP" or "LEFT" constantly, disallowing menu navigation, controller re-mapping, etc.. I was trying to configure some PC games this morning (Crawl and Guilty Gear Xrd) and finally got FED UP with it. After doing some research, I found a solution. DEVCON (Windows Device Console) is a tool out of some Windows SDK kit (read more here if you're interested). I peeled out just the necessary EXE file (devcon.exe) and have written a bat file that will disable/enable VJoy. "vjoy disable.bat" - Calls devcon to disable vjoy devices in windows device manager "vjoy enable.bat" - Calls devcon to enable vjoy devices in windows device manager You'll need to right-click devcon.exe and set to "Run this program as an administrator". Run the bat files with windows device manager open a few times and make sure the VJoy device enable/disable files are working as intended. If they're working you should see the icon for the VJoy device change when disabled and go-back when re-enabled. You can set these BAT files to run on launch and upon exit of a given game within PC launcher. Depending on what state you want VJoy in by default will determine which order you run them in. Here's how I run mine on games that freak out when VJoy is enabled: PreLaunch: "vjoy disable.bat" PostExit: "vjoy enable.bat" Download devcon with vjoy bat files HERE I know I can't be the only one running into this issue. Hopefully this keeps someone from putting their fist through a wall..
  6. I've created an XML including all parents (minus casino, mahjong, and mature) as well as the referenced clones. I added xmen6p (6 player version of xmen) as well. This is based on MAME v0.170 "mame_no_casino_mahjong_mature". I didn't "un-clone" them as that would disable carrying themes, etc. down from each parent, so you'll need to use this XML and show clones in your wheel. Link to XML
  7. Hi, Everyone. First, I've run a search and haven't come across a section/post targeted to this specific purpose, so forgive me if I'm brainstorming something that someone knows already exists somewhere. Is there any resource that we know of that shows: Whether or not mapping to an arcade CP is feasible "Ideal" arcade control mappings for various systems and/or games Obviously a lot of systems that are emulated (and PC games) have controls that are difficult or impossible to map to a single, digital joystick + 6 or 8 "function" buttons. In a perfect world, I'd envision a database/wiki similar to emulator compatibility lists that indicate whether systems/specific games could be mapped to a typical arcade CP and what the requirements would be (e.g. [digital joystick, 4 buttons + start/select] OR [digital joystick, 8 "function" buttons + start/select]). For example: Super Mario Bros for SNES "could" technically work with 3 "function" button minimum (Y=run, B=jump, A=spinjump) + start/select, but you'd be missing L & R which have some arguably non-essential functionality. Castle Crashers for PC requires a digital joystick, 8 "function" buttons + start. All buttons are necessary as they all employ core game mechanics and cannot realistically be left out (unless someone has a custom solution where buttons are shifted, etc.). Mortal Kombat X technically employs "throw" and "flip stance" when using 8 buttons, but there are other ways of mapping these built into the game (front punch + front kick, front kick + back kick respectively). I realize most people just figure this out on their own, but was just curious as to whether anyone was aware of a comprehensive resource. Thanks!
  8. Version 20090401


    Mega Man X (USA) (Rev 1) (SNES)
  9. Version 20090401


    Mega Man X3 (USA) (SNES)
  10. Version 20090401


    Mega Man X2 (USA) (SNES)
  11. Version 20090313


    Samurai Shodown V Special / Samurai Spirits Zero Special (NGM-2720) - samsh5sp (MAME) Video Snap available at EmuMovies
  12. Thanks for this list, and apologies for necro-ing an old thread... I'd like to make a couple of additions: Nighogg (2 player) Samurai Gunn (4 player) I can't recommend either of these games enough. The built-in control configuration for each game allows you to map every aspect of the controls (great if you're using an encoder). There are hours of fun to be had with each of these even though each match is usually less than 5 minutes.
  13. Cool, I'll start working on some pictures and get a list of materials together.. I'm back to work, so it may be this weekend before I have anything up. Thanks for looking, everyone!
  14. Hey, Guys! I just wanted to share my recently completed (and first) build. I've been beating around the bush for a while and finally followed through this time! The body is built from 3/4" MDF. I designed the art and had Brad (Aka Lucian045) print it on vinyl. Finally, there's a 1/8" sheet of lexan on top. The controls for Players 1 & 2 are soldered to DB25 connectors which plug into a manual switch that can toggle between the IPAC encoder and xbox360 boards. http://www.monoprice.com/Product?c_id=101&cp_id=10103&cs_id=1010305&p_id=1354&seq=1&format=2 The TV is mounted to the wall using a mount that allows me to rotate the screen 90 degrees. All of the vertical games I have are configured to rotate automatically on the software side.. it's about a 15 second process to rotate the screen from horizontal to vertical and is manual for now. If anyone has any questions on the DB25 connector/switch setup solution, the mount, or anything else I'd be happy to share a video or post a tutorial. Lastly, thanks for all of the posts and tutorials. I would have given up if it hadn't been for how helpful everyone here has been. Being a part of this community has been awesome!
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