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  1. Hey all, My searches came up null, so pardon my stupid questions... 1) I do not yet have my cab built, but I have been tinkering with Hyperspin for quite a while on my personal PC. Question being, are Hyperspin installs able to be dragged over to a new hard drive without any hiccups? Maybe drive letters would have to be re-configured, but other than that...? 2) I'd like to have a folder full of console start-up videos load BEFORE the Hyperspin intro video. For example, I may see the PS1 on a reboot, and the next would be... Genesis, then Dreamcast, etc. Is there anything already in the wild that makes this possible? OR... I guess randomized intros would be an alternative. Thanks in advance, and thanks in general to the entire community for all that you do.
  2. Adriannnnnn

    How much HD space? (Atari - PS2)

    Thanks for the input. While I 100% agree, it's more economical to just download what I want to play, it's also a lot more time consuming and I would like to avoid manually clicking through thousands of games. However if there's something that would make it easier, like Jdownloader, I'd be glad to hear it.
  3. Adriannnnnn

    How much HD space? (Atari - PS2)

    Thanks guys, I believe phulshof may be in the ballpark. I, of course, found this thread after posting. My educated guess is DR9 listed every system with ISO's, and just using his list for NTSC appears to be about 36 TB. Yikes. I may have to re-think this dream of building sets. Or do a full-size cab to fit a case with 5 or 6 HD's.
  4. Adriannnnnn

    How much HD space? (Atari - PS2)

    Hello, Recently discovered Hyperspin and... wow. I'm all in on this one. (Thank you to everyone here, I've picked up a lot thus far) However I have one bottleneck as I'm building. I'm not sure how much storage space that I'll need. I will try to download as many sets as I can find and I have my eyes on everything from Atari - PS2/Gamecube; possibly even the Wii down the line. (I really want an AIO if possible) Anyone out there that's actually done this and could chime in on how much space I'll need? Maybe even a guesstimate? 10 TB? 20 TB?.... 30 TB? Thanks in advance if anyone has any input.