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  1. LED Blinky was the issue. Once I updated the FW everything ran smooth.
  2. Hello, My rig setup if anyone asks, (Overkill I know....BUT FREE...lol) Alienware Aurora R3, Intel Core i7 2600 (3.40 GHz) 8 GB DDR3, 1 TB SSD HDD, 8 TB Hyperspin SATA HDD, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 580 & Windows 10 Home. I started working on the machine 2 yrs ago but literally ran out of time and the rig has just been sitting now the past year. Anyways, I found a brilliant person who builds arcade cabs and deals with all the Hyperspin stuff for a living and he has been a huge help on taking over my project. We started to notice that LED Blinky is causing problems with games in Hyperspin using Hyperlaunch. Games launch but to see the game you have to hit the Alt-Tab to bring them back into focus. Anyone else has this issue or fix or even know if Blinky that would be causing this???? Any help would be much appreciated, Rick
  3. That might be true Tomkun but when i call the number to a company and she tells me she can take care of everything on the phone you would hope to put trust into that company. Now i would never give my number out to someone who called me but when you call any legitimate business you expect some kind of integrity. I will say that they have refunded all of my money in the full amount.
  4. Hi gigapig, Yes this is the one in Minneapolis. Funny thing is when you put their phone number into the Better Business Bureau it comes up with a Hawaii address so im totally confused. I called to speak to someone at the company because the part on the website said it was out of stock, I just wanted to know when it would be back in stock, then we started talking and she made some different recommendations on replacements for what I was looking for. Everything seemed fine until after I gave her my c.c. number she never asked for my email or anything really. Just letting my fellow gamers to be careful and use a credit card not debit.
  5. Everything is true. It's Paradise Arcade Shop On January 6th 2017 I called paradise arcade shops to order some arcade buttons and other parts. A lady answered the phone where I asked questions about their product. There was an item I believe they didn’t have at that time but I was ok with that. I gave the woman my credit card number and as soon as I gave her my number she said she was in a rush and had to pick her child up from school. I felt that to be odd but whatever. Some 20 minutes goes by and I called the number again to add to my order and got no answer. Then less than 5 minutes later I get a text from that number saying, “I can’t talk right now I’m driving.” Now I’m really worried about the company I gave my credit card to who is texting me from their business line that’s a cell phone. Then on the Jan 7th I texted her my email address so she could email me my invoice or the total amount of the bill which I had never recieved. She never asked for my email in the first place which I though was odd to begin with. After a few text messages telling me she wasn’t at the shop and she need to get things done at home made me sick that I’m dealing with this so called business. Never heard back from her so I sent her a nice text on Jan 10th saying to please cancel my order I can no longer wait I have to go with someone else. I never heard back, never received a bill or an invoice. Today, February 13th I seen a $267 charge on my card from paradisearcadeshop.com that they placed on Feb 12th. I disputed the charge with my credit card company and I even had them call her on 3 way for me to read the text I sent her that the order was canceled over a month ago to her cell phone and she said, I’m sorry and hung up. The Credit Card Company will be returning my money to my card but had to also cancel that card as well. I don’t know what your business practices are paradise arcade shop but I will make sure people are aware of them.
  6. I just had a really unreal experienced with a company that supplies you with all the gadgets you need to build your arcade. Can I share my story before saying company's name? What are the rules on that, Thanks. Rick
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