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  1. It is the same drive letter as before (C:). I have tried scanning for malware with MalwareBytes and running Vit Registry Fix, but I didn't find any malware, and Vit Registry Fix didn't work. This may have something to do with my drive space, because my drive has about 11.25% space remaining. Let me show you: Thank you for replying, and I hope this information helps!
  2. This is an internal drive which I am almost sure was the main disk drive of my computer. It was NOT an external or USB drive. I'm going to try scanning for malware now and see if it helps. Thank you for replying!
  3. Hi, Recently I accidentally removed my hard drive from my computer, and it caused the computer to suddenly power off. Thankfully, nothing happened when I inserted the hard drive back into the computer and powered it on, except it apparently updated, which took quite longer than it should. This may have nothing to do with the drive being removed, though. Unfortunately, I have HyperSpin on this computer. When I tried running the program, it lagged much more than it did before I removed the drive, and when I ran the games, they lagged too. I have tried defragmenting my drive, but HyperSpin continues to lag just as much. Is there anything I can do to hopefully speed up HyperSpin and its games so they can run as they did before? Help would be greatly appreciated.
  4. Hi there, yesterday I was downloading media for the Atari 7800, and when I downloaded a Dig Dug ROM and tried to open it in HyperSpin, the emulator opened but not the ROM. I can't understand what went wrong. I gave HyperHQ the directory to the BizHawk emulator and my ROM folder, and did the same with RocketLauncher. I checked that Bizhawk supported the .a78 extension in both applications. For some reason, this has only happened for the Atari 7800 - on every other system I use BizHawk with, it works fine, and when I opened the ROM manually, it worked perfectly. Is there anything I'm doing wrong that can help solve this problem? Help would be greatly appreciated.
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