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  1. Hey, All... I am using an Ultimarc SpinkTrak spinner with my Gaming setup - and it works FLAWLESSLY while playing games. However... One of the things i was hoping was that when I enabled Spinner Support in HyperHQ, that I would be able to navigate the Hyperspin wheels very easily and with complete, accurate control. That's not the case at all. Please see the attached video (I apologize in advance for the vertical video). It seems that the Spinner simply acts as a digital on/off switch for the wheel to spin. That is, as soon as i turn the spinner a little bit, the wheel just starts spinning at a constant speed. I can't control the speed or anything with the spinner. All I can do is turn it back to the starting point and then the wheel stops. I was thinking this would be more of an analog scrolling experience much like using a mouse wheel to scroll through a document - i can spin as fast or as slow as i choose, and then stop whenever i want. The way it is acting now basically renders it useless for wheel navigation. Is this the extent of spinner control on the menus, or am I missing something? Thanks so much in advance! HSSpinner.mp4
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