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  1. I tried clarifying this through wikipedia but am still unsure what these 2 systems are. From what I can tell based on Rom names, the xml file in hyperlist and artwork names here is what I came up with: From what I can gather Famicom Disk System is all Japanese games(in title and probably language) based on the no-intro rom set(not sure if this system is Nintendo equivalent or a pre-curser to the Nintendo Equivalent), and the Nintendo Famicom appears to be Japanese Famicom(Nintendo Equivalent) with Roms that sometimes have english names and are translated into english(from what I can gather from the xml). All artwork, themes and videos appear to be available for the Famicom Disk System but that system is for some reason missing a xml file??? so that essentially makes all that stuff worthless which seems odd, meanwhile there is a nice XML for a system(nintendo famicom) for which I have no idea what the roms are, and there is no artwork available for this system either. This just doesn't add up. Could anybody please clarify this for me, thanks!!
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