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  1. Dakin23


    Hey Fellas, Are y'all having any trouble with HS crashing with "Windows 10"? If so...which version works best OR what is a simple fix? Always grateful for the help!! Dakin
  2. Dakin23

    Dragon's Lair

    Hey Fellas, How do I get "Dragon's Lair" for Daphne to work? STUMPED!!! Thanks!
  3. I"m in the beginning stages of setting up joysticks and buttons
  4. Dakin23


    Hey Fellas, How can I fix the "spotty" sound in my MAME roms?
  5. Dakin23

    N64 Emulator

    I downloaded "Gigapigs" HS build and it's great! But...when I'm launching the N64 games they're "grainy" and the sound if awful. I've used "Project64" outside of Hyperspin and it works GREAT! However, when I change it to the default emulator within HS it doesn't launch the games, it just launches the emulator. ANY IDEAS? THANKS!!!
  6. Hey Guys, Ive been told that Gigapig has a "ready made" download. Someone sent me the link but it says I don't have permission to view it etc...Any idea why? Thanks! Dakin
  7. Morning Guys! I've reached out to y'all because I've hit a wall in setting up my HS!!! Seems like once I fix one issue, another comes up. So...I'm desperately asking if ANYONE of you much more experienced HS users/programmers could "Remotely Access" my computer and help me finish my setup as well as address the issues i'm having. Your help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Dakin
  8. Dakin23


    Could you remote access my computer and help me finish my HS setup? I'm running into more problems:/! I'd really appreciate it man! Dakin
  9. Hey Guys! First, thanks in advance! Ok...I'm new to HS and am having all sorts of trouble:/! Is there anyway possible for one of you to remotely access my computer and help setup HS for me? I'd be more than grateful because I've tried everything! I've actually gotten pretty far but but have hit THE WALL lol! Please please help! Thanks Again, Dakin
  10. Dakin23


    Hey Guys! Any idea why my HyperHQ KEEPS crashing? Thanks!
  11. HyperSync WILL NOT recognize my HyperSpin login...WHY? It logs into my "Emumovies" account just fine. PLEASE HELP! THANK YOU!
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