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  1. A 'how to' on this would be terrific or a link if there is an existing thread.
  2. Thanks for this! I hadn't set it up in global. Now I just need to find good settings so it not a flicker. Cheers.
  3. I don't really know how to explain it but In my original set up I did through austins videos I got the "Caution Angry Gamer!" Wallpaper when ever I exited a game. In my 1.4 build I have someone missed this. The picture is easily found but I can not find the right location to out it in. It's a 1.4 build so HS and RL are held separately.
  4. Ok. I'm using a PS3/PS4 venom arcade stick pcb. I've managed to map all of the buttons but the stick only registers as one input in Demul. In nulldc everything maps but nothing registers in game. I got xpadder and mapped the sticks to that, again no luck in nulldc. I've just decided to use the controller for that emulator as I'm sure it's the PS3/PS4 that's making it not work.
  5. I'm having trouble with controller mapping in nulldc and demul. With nulldc I've had little luck getting things right. I've tried most combinations for the arcade stick in plugins and either the buttons are all very wrong or it doesn't have a start button mapped. I go into maple and try map the controller, I click on the square and I get a default of -F4 'I think' and it doesn't let me map the stick at all. If I mash on the square I can get it to run a count down that just freezes nulldc at the 5 second mark. I couldn't work out any mapping in Demul so any advice with this emulator would be greatly appreciated.
  6. I have myself a gun and the aimtrak kit. Has anyone made a good through tutorial explaining how to wire it all up? I'm confused because all of the buttons from a GCon45 ps1 gun ( Trigger and A-B ) have two wires yet the aimtrak pcb uses single wires. Do I just join the two wires into a single wire and attach? I'm pretty lost at this point lol Any help would be fantastic.
  7. Im also looking for the same thing if it's out there.
  8. Gambino147


    Are there any of the harder sets to find on BG? I don't want to get in if all I'm getting is from the Wii and up I'm interested only in the pre PS3-360 generation.
  9. I just got mine and new tips on getting the JLF sticks in
  10. ive just set up Jaguar and same deal.... Jeremy ill look into it.
  11. Im having a tough time working out how to move my Atari 5200 Screen over to the left so it fits the bezel properly. I have gone to TAB setting and played around in the limited Video settings. There isn't many options available and definitely dose not have one that fixes my problem. I have got the Atari 2600 & 7800 working fine using MESS but for some unknown reason to myself the Atari 5200 isn't. Im guessing i'll have to edit a file but have no clue what one haha.
  12. Because I'm looking for a rough idea on what my PC build will cost
  13. Should you mind updating them for this thread against yours or your knowledge?
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