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  1. Are you sure? The reason I ask is that it is listed in the table script as swtril43. The reason it works in the ledcontrol.vbs version v0.2.4.6 is because of the way that the rom names are matched. The way it works is based on whether the entry in ledcontrol.ini matches the start of the ROM name. Now this matching algorithm also caused several tables to incorrectly load the wrong settings from the ledcontrol.ini DeeGor has fixed this with an improved method. Using this new method swtril will not match swtril43 which is what is used in the table script. P.S. swtril43 is what pinmame lists the rom as.
  2. So if I want to recreate this effect with other text what is the secret sauce? What filters are being applied to the text to create the look?
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