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  2. Good Evening, Danwelsh has posted a new tutorial on how to compile and create MAME, MESS, and MAMEUI executables from MAME source files. When you have a moment, please give danwelsh a thanks for an awesome job with this tutorial. The tutorial can be found at: http://www.hyperspin-fe.com/tutorials/article/83-written-danwelsh-how-to-compile-mame-mess-and-mameui-from-source-code/ or or go to Tutorials -> Emulator Guides -> Arcade Systems -> MAME Iggy
  3. Good Day Everyone! Mr Avar has posted a new and excellent video tutorial on how to setup up MAME in HyperSpin tutorial. When you have a moment give him a big thanks for taking the time in making this tutorial. The video can be found at: http://www.hyperspin-fe.com/tutorials/article/81-setting-up-mame-for-hyperspin-arcade-games/ or go to Tutorials -> Emulator Guides -> Arcade Systems -> MAME Iggy
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  5. Hello Once Again, Tcmt has created a new tutorial on how to create a basic fade to black to back override transition that you may use in HyperSpin. Hopefully this tutorial will show you how easy it is to create your very own transitions and elevate your skills in Adobe After Effects. If you have a moment, drop a thanks for this well made tutorial! The tutorial can be found HERE or you can navigate to the Tutorials section->Artwork Guides->Transitions-> [Written] - tcmt - How to Create a Simple Fade Transition with Cue-Point Using Adobe After Effects
  6. Letting everyone know that JayC had another short tutorial on how to use masks inside borders. You can find this tutorial under http://www.hyperspin-fe.com/tutorials/article/80-video-jayc-2-masks-in-photoshop/ or by going to Tutorials -> Artwork Guides -> Photoshop Guides -> [Video] - JayC - 2. Masks in Photoshop. When you have a chance, give JayC a thank you!
  7. Hello Everybody, Tcmt has created new tutorial on how to find, convert, and customize new override transitions found on the interwebs that you could utilize in HyperSpin. When you have a moment, drop a thanks for a job well done! The tutorial can be find in our tutorials sections -> artwork guides -> transitions Ig
  8. Hello Everyone, JayC has posted a new tutorial in covering the use of masks in Photoshop that goes hand-in-hand with his previous tutorial: Redraw Basics and Vector Basics for Photoshop. When you have a moment, drop him a line and give him a thanks! More tutorials to come His tutorials can be found in Tutorials -> Artwork Guides and then you should see a Photoshop section containing the above mentioned guides. Iggy
  9. Go to Tutorials-> and under Advanced HyperSpin Setup Guides click on Genre. You will find it in there.
  10. Ash.....if these tutorials are up to date I can upload to the French section in our tutorial section. Thanks!
  11. Good Evening / Morning Everyone, Mr JackJamesBaker's Hyperspin Cinematic tutorials are available if you want to create your own Hyperspin cinematic themes. Please see the links below within our tutorials -> artwork guides -> themes section. I know that these were out on the forums for a bit, therefore; when you have a moment, thank him for a job well done! http://www.hyperspin-fe.com/tutorials/article/77-video-jackjamesbaker-hyperspin-cinematic-presents-how-to-create-your-own-cinematic-path/ and http://www.hyperspin-fe.com/tutorials/article/78-video-jackjamesbaker-hyperspin-cinematic-presents-theme-creation-after-making-your-own-cinematic-path/ Iggy
  12. Good Evening Everyone! Mr Avar has uploaded the next tutorial in his series that talks about basic database setup, audtiing games, and running them in HS. This tutorial covers the basics of managing your databases, therefore; he will cover the more advanced topics later. If you see him online, give him a big thanks! Heres the link: http://www.hyperspin-fe.com/tutorials/article/75-video-avar-2-add-audit-and-run-games-through-hyperspin/ Cheers! Iggy
  13. Yeah havent had the chance to play with the new version ...will prolly do so tonight
  14. How bout some satellite antennas?
  15. Blackhole sun wont you come.... and wash away the rain....blackhole sun wont you come. Time for Iggy's torture test numero DOS! Grand job by the way Fr0sty and jhab!
  16. Fr0stybyt3 I think that having multiple threads while using the Hyperbase Live program is A OK with me....however, the threads should terminate when you close the program out. Im seeing them still active in task manager. This is what I meant to say. Are you seeing this same behavior on your end?
  17. Also from item 3, you can keep it pretty basic....have a query to find the state of your dropdowns.....if all items are syncing then you can display full sync for that system, if only partial media is syncing then you can display partial sync, or if no items syncing you display system not synced. What would have to be determined is what is considered full sync (ie there would have to be two groups....people with emumovies accts and people with that do not.....for people that have emumovie accounts, then essentially its all dropdowns including video dropdown have something other than do not sync selected. For people that do not have an emumovie account, this will be all dropdowns minus the video dropdown that have something other than do not sync selected). Heck instead of displaying a label of the state of sync for the system, you can use a red, yellow, green light system in the upper corner of the system logo or something....like my attachments....j..red means systems not synced, yellow means some items are syncing, while green means all items are syncing. Just some ideas im throwing out there....
  18. Coolio! K for item 9, backups could be placed within the media folder themselves....example, 2-D box art that was synced in artwork folder 1. If a person wants to backup these items, then click a button to zip all those 2-D boxes into a zip file within the same artwork 1 folder on their local HS setup.. A person can manually do this, however; it would prevent accidental overwrites of custom artwork, etc. On the flip-side, If the program detects that a files exists it and skips it, then it would be hard to figure out which items didnt sync and you would have to resort to logs to parse out this data For item 10. People might be confused as to what systems are showing up in the list. People might start thinking that the systems in the list are the systems that were found in a person's HS setup (which is the case) or could be that the list of systems are the only ones available to download from Hyperbase, etc. Majority of the people will know that the list of systems are what shows up, however; you may have a few where they be like...is that the only systems available to download from the server?
  19. Alrighty fr0stybyt3 and jhabers....all I gots to say is that I commend you on a well designed, intuitive application. Grand job boys! Its very simple and easy to use and it survived my torture test So the little nitpicking Im going to offer is (these are just ideas Im throwing around): -When uninstalling HyperbaseLive through Add/Remove programs, there is one file remnant that stays under C:\Program Files (x86)\HyperBase\HyperBase Live\core\resources\app\server\settings.json -Suggestion to make emumovies grayed out (or not appear) in left pane until client settings HS path is set. If you make it not appear, then also hide the videos dropdown under media tab -When viewing all systems, prolly make a description under each system that gives a brief glimpse if: system media not synced, some media synced, or all media. synced. Might have to brainstorm on this one but the goal is that you can tell which systems are synced, somewhat synced, or not synced just by looking at the view all systems page -When setting up each system for the first time, would suggest to relabel folder dropdown as Copy to folder: (ie folder dropdowns to the right of Box Art and Cart Art) -Suggest rename default to standard or minted (as default is a misnomer) -Suggest to give some directions when picking media dropdown items using question mark buttons (as an example, to the right of art folders place a question mark button that opens a window to tell the user what needs to be done): -Suggest that the program could scan what you have and show a list similar to the games tab (that shows green checkboxes for media found or red Xs for media missing) -Suggest in the games tab to offer select all or nothing checkboxes above wheels, cart, box, theme, video -Just an idea, maybe offer a way to backup certain folders into a zip so no media gets accidentally overwritten -Rename Systems->View All to Systems->View All Systems Found -Im also seeing multiple hyperbaselive.exe process threads as gamesmame pointed out that stay active even when program is closed (figure you are prolly working on this minor bug) Let me know if you have any questions and I can elaborate.
  20. Another new and excellent tutorial from Avar concerning databases, etc can be found at: http://www.hyperspin-fe.com/tutorials/article/74-video-avar-hyperspin-system-databases-and-how-to-update-them/ Be sure to give him your thanks! Iggy
  21. Evening, SemCrânio has offered his guides in Portuguese to help fellow members with some setup assistance with HyperSpin/RocketLauncher/HyperPin. When you get a chance, please thank him for his contributions! The newly created category can be found at (which also kicks off our newly created category for guides written in other languages within the tutorial section): http://www.hyperspin-fe.com/tutorials/category/318-portugu%C3%AAs/ Iggy
  22. Time to put your new program through the ringggggger Lets see if it stands the test of Iggy's chaotic torture test........the clock is ticking .....tick.....tock.......tick.......tock......tickkkkkkk.......tockkkkkkkkkkk.......
  23. Good Day, Avar as posted some excellent tutorials alongside with SimplyAustin's excellent tutorials concerning installing and configuring HyperSpin and RocketLauncher. When you get a chance, give Avar a big thanks for his work. More tutorials from him soon to follow. You can find these guides in our tutorials section at: htttp://www.hyperspin-fe.com/tutorials/article/71-video-avar-1-how-to-install-hyperspin-and-rocketlauncher/ http://www.hyperspin-fe.com/tutorials/article/73-video-avar-2-how-to-choose-an-emulator-and-add-it-to-rocketlauncher/ Iggy
  24. Hello Fellow Hyperspinners, Mr. Avar has posted some very excellent tutorials on how to convert your 4:3 themes to 16:9 format. When you get a chance, give him a shout out and thank him for his hard work! His 3 videos can be found within the tutorial section @: http://www.hyperspin-fe.com/tutorials/category/314-widescreen-conversion/
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