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  2. Thanks! I usually put the DMD in the apron below the flippers... and for whatever reason I put EM reels in the upper corners. Seems odd thinking of it. The wife just got back from being gone for a week, and there are 3 extra pins in the house. I haven't heard anything yet, but she got home late last night...
  3. Yeah with the power off it is kinda camouflaged. In these pictures you can see the umbilical cord. If I had a longer cables I could run them lower to the floor. But for now it's not bad. My biggest issue is with the cables on the joystick box... Oh and if your a fanatic about fingerprints, this may not be your project... Fingerprints, food, drinks, drool... it shows it all.
  4. My pins, Lady Robin hood, Phoenix (19248), Spot pool, 3-coins, Jungle queen, Magic City, Dominoe, Royal guard, Jacks open, jack in the box, Gorgar, grand lizard, Genie, Wh20, WCS, NBAFB, JM.

  5. Sorry for the late reply, I was way out for the weekend. Unfortunately I forgot to mention the computer... Its not under the table. I have a cabinet to the left of the table that stores the computer and I have the video, and usb cable routed between the two. I would like a better way. And if it was just a Mame table I could do it... But VP and FP need much more computer than will fit. The computer is a I7 3+ghz 8meg ram GTX-260... And runs everything well I've tried so far. I have a couple of pics, kinda showing the computer in the backround. Normally the cabinet door is closed and the cables are sheathed together... so it not too ugly. Playing pinball is fun on this and the feel with my hands isn't bad... But when I instinctively shake or nudge the table, the table dosen't have the mass of a real machine so it feels flimsy. The long independant legs on the table allows for a little table wobble. But it achieved my goal to have a dual enjoyment device. But now after playing some tables with this, I can see where having the extras would be much more of a true pinball experience. (BG monitor, tilt, plunger, Relay-contactors) BTW - I love the Road Girls table on FP.
  6. Here is a Pub table I cut a hole in while the wife was away. Slapped in a 42" 1080 Monitor. Bought a piece of glass. Installed some flipper/tilt, coin insert, start and launch ball buttons. Later on in the pics i made two joystick box out of some old wooden cigar boxes. I would like to go wireless and use the good joystick I have if anyone knows a good hack. My original plan was to build a regular wide body cabinet... But I wanted a dual purpose Pinball and Mame games. And some thing that was more central to the family area of the house. I think this turned out pretty good. It's not the best viewing angle to play pinball but I'm 6-4 so it's not bad... I still have a WB cabinet so maybe down the road I'll build an appropriate pin-sim. I just have all my spare space filled with standard pins (15) I'm a long time lurker... and wanted to say thanks to all of those who made the emulators, front ends, recreated the pin tables, etc... I'm open to ideas or comments. Thanks Glenn
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