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  1. Yes, I'm using Windows 7, so I guess that explains that. Thanks for the help!
  2. I've looked there, and no image is ever in those folders. I've even done a search on the C: Drive for *.png to see if they are being exported somewhere else, but nothing comes up with that either. Could this be a video driver issue of some sort? It's strange because I've tried all the other buttons listed in the .ini file (such as flyer, instruction card, etc.) and they all work great. I get the flipper click sound after pressing 'o' and 'u' but nothing ever happens. Would rolling back to a earlier version of FPLaunch be a good idea to try? Thanks!
  3. I cannot, for the life of me, get the screenshot feature to work. For example, I load up the B2S Version of AFM, wait for the table to load, and press 'o' and u'. I get a flipper/solenoid "click" sound on each keypress, but no screenshots are taken and nothing appears back into hyperpin. I've restarted hyperpin, I've rebooted the computer, I've re-installed FPLaunch, I've changed the keys from 'o' and 'u' to completely different keys and it still doesn't work. Unless the pictures are being diverted into another directory somewhere, I'm completely lost. All other features of FPLaunch work great except for the screenshot features. I've also tried with Future Pinball tables with no luck there also. Any help from anyone would be greatly appreciated.
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