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  1. That may be the case in the future, but it's my understanding that the Direct Output Framework is still in beta stage and not officially released yet. There has to be something that can be done in the meantime. All I have right now is flashers, undercab lights, and front panel buttons. No contactors, knocker or shaker motor will work on any table. I can't figure this out because everything worked flawlessly earlier in the day and then instantly everything stopped working.
  2. Now I'm having this problem also. Everything worked great until I loaded up three tables tonight, then no contactors. I checked with a multimeter for voltages and everything checked out. I can run through the outputs on the LedWiz control panel software and they all fire. Load up a table and they all stop. This is very frustrating because everything was working fine earlier tonight.
  3. I've had the same issue with a OCZ Vertex 2 SSD. I had the original drive in a desktop for about a year until it died. I contacted OCZ and they gave me a new one, this time a 30GB drive (it was a 20 originally). While I was waiting for warranty replacement, I bought a Kingston SSD for the desktop to get it back up and running, so when the replacement SSD came, I put it in my laptop. This laptop probably gets used 4-5 times a month for 30-60 minutes at a time. Six months later, that drive died. I contacted OCZ again, and they said they would send me another (with another 10GB bump to 40GB), but after this drive, there would be no more replacements. This is the SSD I plan on using in my pin cab now. I find it hard to believe how many duds I had, given that SSD's are advertised as having a very low failure rate, and extra long life. I've only had one mechanical hard drive die on me in 15 years, and that was one that was in an enclosure that fell off my tower and hit the floor. I plan on having my cab networked with a small usb wifi adapter, and having it do an automatic backup every so often to my desktop just in case this SSD dies like the others, but there really is no excuse for these things to be failing like they are.
  4. It may be wise to isolate the two inputs (PC and TV) rather than putting them on the same poles of a microswitch, just to be on the safe side. My TV and backglass measured a little over 3v across the power switch of each, so I decided it best to keep them separated. The smart switch would work, or a cheaper alternative would just be to use a double pole relay and a standard arcade button/microswitch. Put the TV and PC on each pole of the relay and wire up the coil to activate on the button press. This way, each input is isolated on the relay and can not get any back-fed voltage from the other.
  5. I'm interested in this too. What exactly is the size of the DMD hole if you're using a real DMD? I've read at least 3 different sizes on these forums. I think most of the sizes I'm seeing is for people using monitors for dmd's but it would be nice to have a finalized measurement for this.
  6. Yes, I'm using Windows 7, so I guess that explains that. Thanks for the help!
  7. I've looked there, and no image is ever in those folders. I've even done a search on the C: Drive for *.png to see if they are being exported somewhere else, but nothing comes up with that either. Could this be a video driver issue of some sort? It's strange because I've tried all the other buttons listed in the .ini file (such as flyer, instruction card, etc.) and they all work great. I get the flipper click sound after pressing 'o' and 'u' but nothing ever happens. Would rolling back to a earlier version of FPLaunch be a good idea to try? Thanks!
  8. I cannot, for the life of me, get the screenshot feature to work. For example, I load up the B2S Version of AFM, wait for the table to load, and press 'o' and u'. I get a flipper/solenoid "click" sound on each keypress, but no screenshots are taken and nothing appears back into hyperpin. I've restarted hyperpin, I've rebooted the computer, I've re-installed FPLaunch, I've changed the keys from 'o' and 'u' to completely different keys and it still doesn't work. Unless the pictures are being diverted into another directory somewhere, I'm completely lost. All other features of FPLaunch work great except for the screenshot features. I've also tried with Future Pinball tables with no luck there also. Any help from anyone would be greatly appreciated.
  9. Not meaning to hijack, but what size fuses are recommended for each power supply? Does it depend on the setup, or is there a good standard sized fuse to use?
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