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  1. Ah, so I got the reicast emulator app and it can play the games. I put these settings in my hyperspin ini Reicast - Dreamcast exe=com.reicast.emulator/com.reicast.emulator.MainActivity parameters= Now when I click on the dreamcast wheel it doesn't open to the games, just kind of blinks and does nothing. Any thoughts? thanks
  2. I don't have a dreamcast reicast core in my core list in retroarch. Anyone have any ideas how I get it to show up? when I go to core updater it isn't listed . Thanks
  3. Thanks reznnate, I tried to point to my bios files in retro arch after a game was started in hyperspin, but for some reason it is impossible to browse to my bios files. I exited and checked from within retro arch without hyperspin and i am able to. its very odd like a hidden folder or something from within hyperspin. I can't even browse to the default location that pops up from within file explore on my computer. Anyways, that wasn't the problem, after staring at my settings file for a while i just started over with it from scratch and now it works. Thanks for helping out.
  4. Ok, Thanks, i will give that a try as soon as i can and let you know. Thanks.
  5. It does seem pretty strait forward, but i must have something off, i have redone my settings file multiple times to make sure that there weren't any typo's to the roms, I also renamed the folder taking the - out of the name thinking that could have something to do with it. It is now changed back. All other systems work fine NES, SNES and so on. I assume if the game launches directly from RetroArch that the bios is pointed correctly right? Also MAME works in hyperspin and all of my Bios files are in the same spot so i assume they are pointed correctly. I'll post my settings later today and see if anyone sees anything. Thanks.
  6. Thanks for all of your help, i have mine all up and running along with Neo Geo. I ended up moving my roms to my hyperspin folder and thats what finally got it working. For some reason it didn't like the roms being in the retroarch folder. Either way I am all good now. Thanks.
  7. I have been setting up a bunch of systems on hyperspin on my nvidia shield, but i can't get Turbo Graphix 16 to find the roms. They all work fine in retroarch, but when i go to hyperspin it says trying to launch missing rom. I have checked and double checked the .ini file and i can't figure out what could be wrong, all of my other systems work and the roms are all stored in the same location in the hyperspin folder. The only thing that i noticed is that there is a modules folder where TG16 has the name of TurboGrafx 16 with the AHK file named the same. Not sure what that is for though. Everywhere else it is named NEC TurboGrafx-16. Anyone have any ideas of what could be causing issues here? I also ran Don's Hyperspin Tools on the roms to make sure they all match the Database file. They all seem to match now. I have also tried to unzip the files and still no go. Thanks for any help. I can post my settings if anyone wants to take a look.
  8. So i have this working in retroarch, but I can't figure out how to add coins to the games or how to press enter, does anyone know how to do this on the nvidia shield controller? Also still struggling to get it working with hyperspin. Something with the path to the roms. My roms are normally in my hyperspin folder under emulators. I put the mame roms in the retroarch folder like you said, but now it doesn't seem to like the path in the settings ini. the normal path for all of my roms looks like this in settings rompath=Emulators/Sega Genesis/roms. Its like the settings already assume the roms are in the hyperspin folder since i didn't need to put the full path which would be Hyperspin/Emulators/Sega Genesis/roms the paths i have tried are Android/Data/com.retroarch/System/Mame/roms sdcard/Android/Data/com.retroarch/System/Mame/roms storage/emulated/o/Android/Data/com.retroarch/System/Mame/roms Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
  9. Thanks for the tips. I'll work on this over the weekend.
  10. I need some help getting mame setup for a shield tv. I already have hyperspin working with NES, SNES, N64, SMS and Sega Genesis The way i have it setup is on the root of shield is my hyperspin folder. In hyperspin I have a folder called Emulators, Folders named with each system, then a folder called roms, then the roms ie. hyperspin\emulators\Sega Genesis\roms All of the roms i have for these systems have one file with the same file type for all roms for each system. ie: all Nintendo 64 roms are .z64 file extension. Also all of the roms are clearly labeled with the game name. then in my settings folder in hyperspin there are .ini files for each system. Inside the .ini i set up the rompaths correctly, with the retroarch exe and the rom extensions = to the file extensions in my rom folder. I also have the cores setup with the correct core that was downloaded through retroarch. There are also database files for each system with one xml document for each system. all of these systems and games work fine in hyperspin. Now for Mame. I downloaded two sets of Roms, one called .180 which is full of a ton of zip files and also hbmame which was 16 different zip files full of what looks like a lot of the same stuff in each zip. When i unzip the zip files for what i think are the games they look nothing like my other roms for the systems. 1. Am i supposed to have a folder named MAMA under emulators then roms and dump all of these zip files in there? (i did try this and i couldn't get anything to work after) 2. The Database file under MAME is full of different xml documents like bowling games, boxing games ext. Is this correct? My other systems have just one xml there with a list of all games. 3. The MAME .ini file also came with .mame4droid for the exe instead or retroarch, is that correct, or should it be the retroarch settings? 4. I feel like I must be missing something big with the mame setup. Doesn't seem like the others. Any help in pointing me the right direction would be much appreciated. Sorry for dragging on, just want to make sure i am clear. Thanks.
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