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  1. I have today configured my DOF config file so that my RGB strobes and flashers work in game but when i left or right click the backglass i do not get the window to allow active plugins i get the window to allow active plugins when i right click on one game cactus canyon backglass and apart from a plunger issue the LED FLASHERS AND STROBE WORK FINE. but all other games will not allow me to right or left click. I have also tried to edit the B2STableSettings.xml file but still no joy i am so close to finally finish my project but for this small problem can somebody please help thanks. Alternative you can also edit the B2STableSettings.xml file in the table directory. You will need to add the ArePluginsOn option to the file. The result should resemble to following example: <B2STableSettings> .... <ArePluginsOn>1</ArePluginsOn> ... </B2STableSettings> Warning
  2. Hi all When I access a Game via hyperpin the wheel moves by one notch onto the next game on the wheel and that game plays in the background (I can hear the wheel spinning on demo mode) any ideas ? thanks
  3. Drat my wife neither sucks or blows ?
  4. Hi guys I have four 5 inch fans on my cab (2 in top box) would it be best to have them suck air into the cab or blow it out. thanks.
  5. Hi just wondered if you could please give me a little advice my SMT Booster board I bought from Zebsboards has arrived and I am in the process of installing the board I have looked on the forum wiring diagram page and I am just a little confused. I have soldered my LED-wiz onto the SMT board also soldering the 5v and ground pins. I am using an old ATX psu for voltage 3.3v to the resister board (for the five rgbs on the lightbar) and I am going to use the same ATX psu to power the SMT booster board, Do I use the 12v or 5v or Both to power the board? Also I have RGB buttons on my cab for flippers and start and exit game can I wire the two flippers together and the start/end rgb wires together if I power them from a separate 5v supply (not the one off the usb on the led wiz to give me more room on the SMT board. thanks in advance Keith
  6. Please could someone point me in the right direction it may be a silly question but im not sure how the launch button interacts with vp i presume that it has to go through the LED-WIZ are there any tutorials out there as I have been searching forums for hours. thanks
  7. Hi all, My Hyperpin table is now very close to being complete it has took me many months off and on with work and family commitments. I have just installed my LED-wiz board and the four RGB buttons I have connected work great. However how would I connect my launch ball lamp so it can be programmed for flashing when ball is on the ramp to be fired. If anyone could point me in the right direction that would be great. I have my Vishay fully wired plug and play DMD arriving this week so advice on software installation would also be very welcome. thanks.
  8. Thanks guys my cab is well on its way will be posting pictures soon hopefully by christmas.
  9. Hi guys just wondered if any one knows where I can purchase a LED light bar or the parts to build one my self I am in the UK thanks in advance.
  10. Thanks for that I will keep the playfield right to the front of the cab as I am using a Williams Widebody plan should I make the cab shorter in length because if the screen is right up to the front there will be a 5 inch gap at the back then the 150mm that the backbox sits on. I just need to make sure I get every thing is right before I start cutting.
  11. Hi all I have finally took the plunge and bought my playfield a 42" LED Samsung TV also my 18mm marine plywood for the cabinet, the playfield will fit nicely into a Williams wide-body plan cabinet with 8cm to spare either side my worry is the cabinet length is 1274mm and the TV is 970mm should I cut down the cabinet to accommodate the playfield slightly? Also how far forward should the LED screen be from the front of the cabinet because of the lock down bar thanks in advance. Keith
  12. Hi all, I am now possibly thinking of a 27" LED monitor for my back box and adding a DMD at a later date but monitors with an aspect ratio of 16.9 are only available to me at this time are these types of monitor okay for my Hyperpin project back box thanks all. regards..
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