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  1. Make sense? It's literally the only core on shield that can play all neo geo games. It plays games like samurai showdown 5 and snk vs Capcom that simply won't boot on neo-emu and other cores. Plus we aren't talking about core2duos your in the hyperspin Android section.
  2. Would you by any chance mind sharing your settings ini for atomiswave/Naomi I have wheelart/media for it just not sure how to setup beings games run from .lst
  3. I can't get the atomiswave games to run have the game bin in folder with Naomi_boot.bin and try to run from .lst file it just back me out of retroarch. I'm using the the latest retroarch nightly with riecast dreamcast/Naomi core. Can you tell me what the core number and build of retroarch your using?
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