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  1. This revised tutorial should show you how to use Retroarch64 with Hyperspin, sorry I just don't have the programming ability to incorporate a split choice of 32/64! Hyperspin_Retroarch64_fix.docx
  2. This won't work on vanilla HDF that haven't been modified via the script unfortunately.
  3. guide completed and submitted as per previous post, happy to help further if I can
  4. I did it on my laptop which I will have back later, I signed it with a( sorry cannot remember the name as it was a month ago) APK signing tool.
  5. I fell in love with the Amiga again last night! https://youtu.be/1axRwAJz1LU My setup - shown in above video: Nvidia Shield TV > HyperSpin > Retroarch64> P-UAE core I am using tweaked HDF files, a WHDload file, and three amiga kickstart roms (no seperate game config files are needed now, you just need the HDF file), I am so happy at how well this runs, pump it up to the higher resolution via the Retroarch core options and I am in Amiga heaven, just a shame about the CD32 music still trying to get this working.. If you want to do similar; I used Squizzys script from this thread on my hdf files: script thread then put the three kickstart roms (500/600/1200) into the retroarch system directory (most likely works on retroarch32 as well) and same with the whdload file - done!
  6. Sure I would be happy to do a tutorial My only concern is that perhaps the original creator of the APK would not want this, however all I did was change one line in the code so perhaps they would be willing to update the APK themselves? Unfortunately my programming skills are lacking so I could not figure out how to do a split between retroarch emulators but I am wondering what emulators you want to run on RetroArch32 as I find all of mine work right now on RetroArch64?
  7. Thanks to the person that suggested recompiling the .APK, I did so last month and changed it to allow RetroArch64 to run. I have a large amount of emulators and I now use the 64 bit cores for all of them without an issue, I have no need for the 32bit RetroArch anymore. Cheers
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