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  1. Here it is my list <menu> <game name="MAME" /> <game name="SNK Neo Geo" /> <game name="Atari Classics" /> <game name="Capcom Classics" /> <game name="Data East Classics" /> <game name="Irem Classics" /> <game name="Konami Classics" /> <game name="Midway Classics" /> <game name="Namco Classics" /> <game name="Nintendo Classics" /> <game name="Sega Classics" /> <game name="SNK Classics" /> <game name="Taito Classics" /> <game name="Atari 2600" /> <game name="Nintendo Entertainment System" /> <game name="Super Nintendo Entertainment System" /> <game name="Sega Genesis" /> <game name="Sega Game Gear" /> <game name="Sega 32X" /> <game name="Sega Master System" /> <game name="Nintendo Game Boy" /> <game name="Nintendo Game Boy Color" /> <game name="Nintendo Game Boy Advance" /> <game name="Nintendo 64" /> <game name="NEC TurboGrafx-16" /> </menu>
  2. I´ve already installed android emulators, but here I don´t see any Shield section only if you cn guide me please then I´ll much appreciate it. Thanks!
  3. hey, it would be nice of you if you tell oss where to get the wheels and the rooms for these? I use Nvida Shield, plz tell me is this will work on this consul?
  4. It dosen´t matter how many numbers it would be, as far as I see replays in this thread and I noticed there are more wheels people are having and was wondering how can build mine which is hardly can count up to 30 wheels. I use android version and can´t find no matter how how hue it would be but still looking to build mine 30 wheel list in Nvida Shield.
  5. This is huge, but still want a complete list of xml. anyone have it, please share it here!!!
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