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  1. For some reason Arcade 64 seems too 'Stopped Workinging error' in Hyperspin/RL but the first one works fine, thanks again guys
  2. @cranhill Thanks dude, that works good for me. Sticking the the layout I know haha
  3. @phulshof Thanks Bro, downloading now I will have a look into it next month when my Fiber internet comes through, took a good 37 hours to download 52GB Haha Living the dream
  4. Hi guys, I recently downloaded a torrent of a full rom pack for Mame 0.185 but it turns out to be Mame 0.183 Can someone please help me to find the best emulator to play these through hyperspin? I recently used MAMEUFIX but was not aware they don't go higher than 0.75 And I can't seem to fin an emu for 0.183 has anyone got any links for one? It will be very much appreciated
  5. That was exactly it, Thanks @Agent47 Real heros don't wear capes
  6. Hey, I'm not sure this answers your question atall but I'm planning on building myself a cabinet with my old PC parts which had a GTX 560 Graphics card (probably around £40) and an FX 6300 CPU, (around £70) I used them to play ps2 games smoothly upscalled and even some of the latest PC games in the lowest graphics, Not sure if this helps but they are fairly cheap parts and might do the trick for you if you fancy getting abit higher systems in the future
  7. Hi Guys, I am trying too add Sega Mega Drive Japan too my hyperspin but I am having all sorts of problems with this one which should have been quite straight forward. First off all I was getting troubles saying that Sega Mega Drive Japan is not a supported system name even though I have added it too the Retroarch AHK File and no games play atall apart from the systems I already have. I changed the system name through rocket launcher too 'Sega Mega Drive' and that allowed my to play games through Rocket Launcher but when I try on Hyperspin it points too my old drive. I recently put my whole hyperspin setup on a new hard drive and redirected everything but for some reason Rocket Launcher thinks it is still aiming at my K: Drive when I am now using my H: Drive. Can anyone help with this? Either getting the system to work as Sega Mega Drive Japan or redirecting Retroarch. Or both would be good if possible
  8. Hey guys sorry I know this is quite an old post but did you mange to get the controller working through rocket launcher? It's driving me crazy, retroarch doesn't work for me on the psx for some reason it lags but this works perfect through ePSXe but through RL/Hyperspin it just does not recognize my controllers
  9. It really is! it has it's highs and it's low moments haha I'm stuck on a new problem now! This ePSXe doesn't recognize controllers through rocket launcher :'( The problems which are so frustrating are the ones I seem to get where there is nothing on the internet on how to fix :'( One thing after another as per usual. Don't suppose you have any advice on this?
  10. Got it all working but using ePSXe instead, works perfect now, Thanks again for all the support guys
  11. Good Idea, I might have to use retroarch for all my older systems because they work perfect with it and have a separate one for ps1. This whole Hyperspin/ emu stuff is so frustrating but addictive, I found myself taking days off work to fix problems
  12. Thanks Kondorito I'll try out that because I have just made a complete new setup of retroarch running the mednafen_psx and got it working perfectly, played about 5 games to test and all ran smoothly so I added the genesis core to start re adding my systems then my PSX started having the same problem again with the lagging? So I deleted the genesis core as that was the only change I made and tried again yet it was still lagging, no matter what changes I made in the settings to try fix :/ It's incredibly weird I have no idea why it would have done that, I have the one that worked backed up so am going to try that again too try pin point the problem, I feel like I have had a full head of hair this morning and now I am bald... This is driving me crazy! But thanks for the advice, I didn't realize they had an RA forum
  13. Iv got the new Retroarch now but still lagging :/ My Rewind feature is turned off, I was hoping it would have been that Does anybody know how to get back into settings once you started the game? It used to be F1 but for some reason that makes the program stop working, It keeps loading up mednafen_psx_hw_libretro but I want too try it on mednafen_psxlibretro. I have no idea what the HW means. Thanks for the help though guys
  14. @Thatman84 I am using Windows 10 and I believe it is Retroarch 1.1 (I's probably the older one, I set it up following a 2015 SimplyAustin setup video) And as of the core I'm still quite new to understanding the core but I think the mednafen psx v09.36.5 ? Is that the right thing?
  15. Hi guys, I am fairly new to the whole Hyperspin world but I have been working on it now in my spare time for the past couple of months with the intntions to eventually build a cabinet. I am quite stuck with a problem with Sony Playstation 1 games through retro arch where the frame rate completely drops and the games lag quite bad leaving it barley playable. Has anybody encountered this problem before and know of a fix? It happens on all games that I have tried but is allot more noticeable on past paced games such as 'Marvel Super hero's' and 'Street Fighter' I have a high end PC so it can't really be be that. I have tried countless different settings but nothing seems too make much of a difference. If you have any help please let me know, Thanks p.s This is the first time I have ever posted on any forum so be nice please
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