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  1. Just have to work with what we have I guess ?
  2. Well that's good news, at least in terms of the CDTV not being left out.
  3. I'll be starting the disk based Amigas next, although I may split the OCS/ECS and the AGA hardware into 2 separate wheels. The gameboy and gameboy colour get 2 wheels, so I see no reason not to. It will make UAE file generation a lot easier too.
  4. I felt it just made things more uniform across the files, as opposed to having 2 different naming conventions, but I suppose it's down to user taste. Initial 0.1 version of the UAE generator is now available to download. If anyone can do any testing, that would be awesome.
  5. Thanks, added the rom info. I am just editing the program now.
  6. The uae file is generated by copying the folder names, but if it doesn't need any more filename changes past that, then I will edit it ?
  7. You guys helped get me to the destination. It's only fair I return the thanks. How could I forget about the sideloading bit, ugh. Thanks will add it.
  8. Step 5. Almost there, can you feel it? Now you need to test that everything has worked up until this point. Load whatever file manager you have on your Shield TV. Locate your hard drive, go to the Hyperspin/Roms/CD32/roms folder, and try to open one of the .UAE files. It should ask you what you want to do with the file, just tell it to open UAE4Arm with it. Now all being well, after a short while (be patient, the system used a 2 speed CD drive, not exactly SSD speeds) you should boot straight into the game after seeing the splash screen. I recommend Bubba ‘n’ Stix as a test game as it uses CD audio for the intro, a quick way of checking if It is working. Troubleshooting at this point is best. If it hasn’t worked there is no point going further until you have found out why. Firstly, try another .uae file. NO CD AUDIO: If you can see animated the intro playing through but no sound, then that indicates an issue with the .cue file. Open the .cue file in notepad++ and compare the filenames listed in the file, to what you have actually got. ALL I CAN SEE IS A BLUE FLOPPY DISK ON A WHITE BACKGROUND SAYING WORKBENCH 1.3: This is the standard boot screen for the A500/A500+. If you are seeing this, then there is an issue with your uae file looking at either the wrong workbench rom, or you have installed the wrong workbench rom. Not sure how, but hey, at least you know what the problem is. ALL I CAN SEE IS A MAGENTA SCREEN WITH A DISK INSERTING INTO A DISK DRIVE ON A LOOP: This is the standard Workbench 3.1 boot screen, which the CD32 does have. But CD32 owners never saw that boot screen because the CD32 extended rom would take over and provide it’s own custom boot screen first. If you are seeing this, then there is a problem with the extended rom being missing or not correctly listed in the .uae file. ALL I CAN SEE IS THE AMIGA CD32 LOGO, A BIG CD IMAGE AND SOME RAINBOW COLOURS, NOTHING ELSE HAPPENS: This is the proper CD32 boot screen. This is the screen you get if the disc is not bootable, or no disc at all. There is either a problem with the .cue file location, .cue file contents, or location within the .uae file. Check for spaces in filenames. So, if all went well, YAAAAAY! Without much more work you should be able to use something like ARC Browser. Just remember the “roms” that you need to search for are the uae files, not zip, cue, iso, rar, chd, etc. Hyperspin is a bit more complex than that, but nothing that isn't elsewhere on this site. I will add the next step, adding to Hyperspin, when I have finished it, and tweaked this bit. Most of you could probably work out the rest. But this should at least get your emulator up and running to test the games out. Like I said, if the games aren’t running at this point there is not much point trying to get it integrated into Hyperspin until it’s sorted. People will have issues not covered here. As they do I will add them to the questions. I have probably missed some stuff as it was from memory, but I think I have got it all. If I haven't let me know
  9. Step 4. Create UAE files. First we need to copy both the batch file, and the little program I created to the Roms/CD32/roms directory. Now run the batch file. This creates a CUE.txt file. Now run the exe file, type in your hard drive id number in the relevant box, click start. This will create a bunch of ready to go .UAE files based on your games. That is the configurations for the emulator bit done.
  10. Step 3. Batch Edit the CUE files. You can skip this step if you want to do it all manually ? Load up Agent Ransack and Notepad++. In Agent Ransack, browse to your Roms -> CD32 -> roms folder. Make sure the Subfolders tick box is ticked. In the filename text box type in *.cue. Click Start. This should search for, and list, all the .cue files for your games. Scroll through the list to double check they are all there. Now click on Edit at the top, then Select All. Now drag all the selected files into Notepad++. It should open each file as a separate tab at the top in Notepad++. Now click on Search at the top, then click on Replace. At the bottom of the Replace box, make sure the Regular expression button is selected In the Find what: text box type in the following: (\"[^ ]*) (.*\" ) In the Replace with: text box, type in the following: $1_$2 Now click the button Replace All in All Open Documents At the bottom of the Replace window it should say something like: Replace in Opened Files: XX occurrences were replaced. Press the Replace All in All Open Documents button again. You should get another. Replace in Opened Files: XX occurrences were replaced. Keep pressing the Replace All in All Open Documents button until the listed occurrences are 0. It would probably be a maximum of 10-12 button presses. Then, close the Replace window and click File at the top, then Save All
  11. Step 2. Renaming the files. Open Bulk Rename Utility. Firstly some actions are automatically ticked on starting this program, we need to untick the tick boxes next to the following unnecessary actions: RegEx (1) Name (2) Case (4) Remove(5) Move/Copy Parts (6) Add (7) Auto Date (8) Append Folder Name (9) Numbering(10) On the top, left hand side directory tree, navigate to the roms folder. You should see the games folders we just extracted populating the right hand window. In the Replace (3) section, type a space into the Replace text box, and type an underscore into the With box. On the Filters (12) section, make sure that Folders, Files and Subfolders are all ticked. Now in the Actions menu at the top, click on Select All. This should highlight all the files and folders in the top right window. Under the New Name tab, it should show all the spaces being replaced by underscores. You can now press the Rename button at the bottom. Go on, do it!
  12. Step 1. File handling. Firstly, copy the rom files to your Android\data\atua.anddev.uae4arm\files\roms folder on your storage device. Create a directory labelled “CD32” (without quotation marks) in your Hyperspin\Roms directory on your storage device. Inside that, create another folder called “roms”. Now you should have “Drive Letter:\Hyperspin\Roms\CD32\roms” as your directory structure. Now move/copy all your CD image archives to that last roms folder. Now, select them all, right click and choose “extract each archive to separate folder”. You should now have a bunch of folders, with game names, and if you look inside one, you should see 2 or 3 file types. .CUE, .ISO and sometimes either .WAV or .MP3 files too. You can now go back and delete or move the archives you just extracted, they are no longer needed.
  13. Some caveats to begin with, please read first: This is not an easy system to get working, you will come across issues at some point. Hopefully this guide will answer some of those, but if not, post the issue and what stage you are at. Someone should be able to help. This guide is written for the Nvidia Shield TV running Pie (Android Experience 8), it MAY work on other STV’s, I have no way of knowing or testing. But by all means, give it a go. I used UAE4Arm version . It may not be the most stable, or up to date emulator. But AFAIK, it is the only one that supports CD32 CD’s and CD audio too. The latest version DOES NOT currently work on the Shield TV. This info is based on a lot of user’s trial and error, so it may not be the most streamlined solution. It may have steps that are unnecessary, or not optimised, but that is just part of that trial and error process. At least it is working. Most of this is done in Windows. For any other OS, most steps should work, but you may need to find alternative software that does the same thing. There is some naming conflicts between Hyperspin (and nearly everything else in the emulation world) and any of the UAE emulators. In UAE, BIOS’s are called Roms, and what Hyperspin, et al. call Roms, are called images/discs/disks/cd’s (depending on the source) in UAE. Keep that in mind. We will be altering/changing/extracting the game files, makes sure you have backups. Don’t try this with your originals unless you don’t mind redownloading them if it goes wrong. I take no responsibility on anything going wrong. I will try to simplify things as much as possible, and warn about potential problems. But if anything goes wrong, that is on you. All I can say is this worked for me. Always backup! If you have any concerns, just test the whole process out on 1 game. Then when it all works, you can do the rest. Although I have dabbled in Amiga emulation since 1997, I am by no means an expert. I will also try to elaborate on any “this HAS to be like this” steps (check the quote sections). It might help some who want to know the processes.I will try to make it as easy to follow as I can, but explain as much as possible. If you already know why/how/etc, then good for you! ? This will have stuff added and removed as issues or points get raised. I have made this in about 3 hours, mainly from memory, so please be patient with my ramblings And importantly, thanks to Honosuseri, thatman84 and sanchezmike01 for the help. If you like this tutorial and find it useful, great! If you don't, well I am sure there is a flaming bag of dog poop with my name on it outside my front door anytime from now. If it accidentally set fire to your Shield, what are you doing complaining to me!? Put it out!!! If there is enough interest I may do step by step screenshots too. On to the good stuff.. Windows software used in this tut: Bulk Renamer Utility Agent Ransack (A powerful windows search tool) Notepad++ WinRAR Dir.bat - A simple batch file I wrote to output a directory’s contents to a text file.* DOWNLOAD HERE UAEFiles.exe - A small program I wrote to generate UAE files.* Early version DOWNLOAD HERE *Not required if you are wary of downloading some random, forum stranger’s own-made program, but it does make the boring, time consuming bit go a lot faster. Android emulator used is: UAE4Arm version Anything else I need?: The Amiga CD32 Kickstart Rom AND the CD32 Extended Rom. Labelled as cd32kick31.rom & cd32ext.rom and placed in your /Android/data/atua.anddev.uae4arm/files/roms/ folder. What you need to know first: The Android file system identifies your hard drive via it’s drive id, this will be a long list of numbers and letters. You need to know this number. You should be able to find out via a file manager. Although uae4arm suggests purchasing the Amiga Forever essentials app on the Playstore, as it will auto detect those Amiga kickstart (i.e BIOS) files. The kickstarts for the CD32 are NOT included, so need to be sourced elsewhere. - Credit to Honosuseri Some assumptions I am making in this guide: I am assuming that your CD images are archived as .zip or .rar. I am assuming you have not altered anything in the UAE4Arm configuration screen.
  14. Nicely done. It's looking good! Can't beat 80's house music haha.
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