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  1. Hey Honosuseri, thank you for your answer. Managed to load my hdf with arcbrowser now :) Where do you find Ransoms hdf-files? I've found a huge torrent for raspberry pie on the arcadepunks website but the file is broken for me when trying go mount it (and I really don't need 128gb worth of files). World be nice to just select the games I want to play. I could make the files myself but it would be a real time saver to download them if they already are done and I only have to create config-files for them.
  2. Hey Honosuseri Do you have a UAE-config file that can launch hdf-files with Arc browser on the Nvidia shield? Uae4arm crashes when I try to launch it with Arc browser, just want to see if there is any setting I can change to prevent it from crashing. I do have the beta version of Uae4arm.
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