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  1. Well, I really appreciate the reply and the hard work put in to get it running on Shield TV. I hope in the future its possible to bring it to other devices running android, like my Sony TV. Thanks.
  2. I would like a native Hyperspin app on my 2016 Sony TV running android. I am willing to make contributions necessary if someone was willing to put in the time to get the app working on Sony TVs running android. Please get back to me and lets see if we can make this happen. A native app built right into the TV would be awesome and I could cut out the middle man of having to use a Shield TV. Thanks.
  3. Hey guys, I just started using Hyperspin for the first time on my Nvidia Shield TV and I absolutely love it! I was just wondering if you are working on a Hyperspin version for my 2016 Sony Android TV? I tried searching for it Google Play Store and noticed it is not available. I did sideload the app on my TV, however, and it installed fine, it just will not start up or function. I suspect this is due to the Sony TVs processor not being supported or the fact that maybe the TV doesn't use OpenGL? Anyway, I really hope this is something you guys are considering. A native app on my TV would be amazing as the processor really is good enough to play most games through retroarch. Thanks for your time and keep up the amazing work!
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