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  1. I will do real soon. Lol just went Platinum so having a great time sniffing round the FTP That and HyperSync (looking forward to the new HyperLive????) makes it great value for money for those thinking about it. Brent
  2. I am currently writing some firmware for a medical device and playing around with QT a fair bit. So its a programming year for me this year Still would be nice to increase the dev base for the android side - especially if Reznnate is a busy bunny.
  3. I am still hoping that the code becomes more accessible. I am sure there are active members in the community that have coding knowledge and would like to try and modify/improve the HyperSpin experience for Android. If nothing else than at least to bring it close to its PC counterpart. Menu Positioning Genres Multiple Emulators from one wheel (Collections for example) Better Directory control (1 Folder for arcade videos, themes,etc. to allow for genres/manuafacturers without huge data duplication) Total Game Count Let's call it my new year wish Brent
  4. My Tasker profile was more simple than that. I had 4 Main Menu xmls (all in the Databases/Main Menu folder) . One was arcade with all the mame, fba, gaelco, cps 1 etc. Another was handhelds, another consoles and one just genres for mame. It did take a fair few extra folders - all databases for all wheels needed inc. individual genre database folders plus the same for media AND settings_android. Really want to see if I can get symlink working at all for one folder for all arcade videos, another for all wheels - that would eliminate sooo much un-needed folder duplication. If you want a smaller sizedversion then leave out the genres; as arcade, console and handheld are just split main menu.xmls really I named them main-arcade.xml, main-handheld.xml, main-consoles.xml and mame-genres.xml. Then in tasker I exported a task to an application (latest-ish version supports apk creation with app factory iirc) that had a nice "gamey" background and 4 large buttons. The task simply removed the main menu.xml and copied one of the other xmls into its place and launch HyperSpin. Simple but effective. Though after reading your bit - I wonder if and how it could be incorporated more "into" HyperSpin rather than before. Brent
  5. always around @thatman84 Ask away about tasker - it works as a workaround until we get an update or the code is accessible Will have a google / look for Bungles theme Brent
  6. Then I shall eagerly/hopefully await his reply. Now I have the retroarch cores pretty much "nailed" down I want a fancy front end to play on hehe Multi System wise.... <game name="com.farsight.AndroidPinball.javaProject" index="true" image="0"> <description>Pinball arcade</description> <cloneof></cloneof> <crc></crc> <manufacturer></manufacturer> <year></year> <genre></genre> <rating></rating> <enabled>Yes</enabled> </game> That works to launch a program from the wheel on Hyperspin android, so....;I could use it to launch retroarch but how/where/can I insert the parameters to get the specific core to load and then getting the specific ROM launched. CMD files "might" help exe = com.retroarch/com.retroarch.browser.retroactivity.RetroActivityFuture parameters = cores/stella_libretro_android.so Brent
  7. Hi all I am looking to push the limits of Hyperspin a bit more to fulfill my needs (and most definately others) and have 2 quick questions..... 1. Is it Possible to have 2 hyperspins on the Shield TV that point to different folders - so I can split my arcade overloaded wheel and consoles/computers wheel. I did use Tasker to make a quick app that just took different mainmenu.xmls and renamed them before launching hyperspin. It worked but was messy. Just wanted to be able to create a second instance of Hyperspin and use a second location. In between question - is Hyperspin closed source or is there access to the code at all. I would love the chance to have sub-wheels added, curved menus or even left placement or horizontal positioning. Total game count - hehe the list goes on. oh and although I am messing with Symbolic links as we speak - it would be nice to have one wheel art set, one theme folder, one video folder to cover all my Arcade wheels (genres/manufacturers/systems) that all use the same roms/themes/videos and possibly wheel art. 2. Multi Systems. If the Game System.ini file allows the exe and parameters to be set in the database.xml then is it possible to have a sonic collection, best of shmups,etc for example running on android Hyperspin - just setting the game and launch parameters from within the database.xml? thereby allowing different emulators to run from one wheel. Ramblings over thanks for listening/reading Brent
  8. Brilliant to see this. I was only watching a video on thatmans channel last night thinking - note to self ask him where he got his shield buttons art from - I have been using the xbox style one and wanted a bit more "authenticity". Thanks Thatman and thanks Potts
  9. If it were possible to fork off Android and let a community have a go at some things would be great too.
  10. Updating myself Thanks for the regex for changing back as PBP's have made things a lot more simple. Single game - single file Brent
  11. I automatically put the artwork into folders, assuming if the game was being named and called through the database then the artwork would need the same convention - so to be honest never tried leaving artwork in original folder, it was so quick to put each one in its own folder I done it anyway. But psx folder is a lot more tidy now anyways Downside of this naming setup is that anything "don" related needs to be done ahead of time an only when your cues, artwork etc ties up to the database THEN move to folders otherwise heck of a lot of manual renaming Scummvm thru retroarch is progressing nicely as well though only tested in windows environment will move across to shield testing tonight Brent
  12. Resurrecting this thread a bit Worked perfect for me here. I managed to move all Playstation roms into sub directories, juggled the images and it works/plays just fine thru HyperSpin. Only issue I ran into (that I will test further) was that with roms only set to true - then it didn't show the roms on the wheel - set to false they showed, wheel art, videos, etc and launched just fine. Possibly the added slash causing problems. Relatively quick process using loueradun's regex in notepad++ on the database and then a choice of "files 2 folder" extension on PC or the more basic.. select files, rar files, unrar files into separate folders so for artworks - select all, archive them (files each archive separate file) then select all, extract them to individual folders So PSX ticked off list and now about to commence on ScummVM and see where I end up Brent
  13. On the Sord M5 - i get it working using softlists, but for me when i try CMD files i got.... RetroArch [libretro ERROR] :: parse path failed! path=/storage/5ACA0207CA01E05D/mamecmd/Sord M5/. RetroArch [libretro INFO] :: Game name: m5, Game description: m.5 (Japan) Error: unknown option: -cart The System says it supports the following format Media devices cassette ("cassette") cassette cass wav, cas cartridge ("cartslot") cartridge cart bin, rom All files are in bin format - so thats where i stopped
  14. Just as another observation on testing..... My A5200 collection renames all files to correct zip but also renames from the a52 extension to bin within the zip I will also download and try your latest update simmousm - thanks for that Brent
  15. Ok simmousm - tried renamer and worked brilliantly on single disk games but fell over for me on multiple disks. It zipped and renamed the fist disk in series but errored as already existed for the remaining ones It needs to be able to collate the disk 2,3,4 or side A,B etc into the singular zip with the softlist name - example below from apple2gs <software name="crylmsn2"> <description>The Cryllan Mission 2088 - The Second Scenario</description> <year>1990</year> <publisher>Victory Software</publisher> <part name="flop1" interface="floppy_3_5"> <dataarea name="flop" size="819264"> <rom name="cryllan mission 2088 - the second scenario, the (1990)(victory software)(disk 1 of 3)(program).2mg" size="819264" crc="60dfaab9" sha1="2a092c62e646fb0d4c95aa3ed447974466c5b11e" offset="0x0000" /> </dataarea> </part> <part name="flop2" interface="floppy_3_5"> <dataarea name="flop" size="819264"> <rom name="cryllan mission 2088 - the second scenario, the (1990)(victory software)(disk 2 of 3)(system).2mg" size="819264" crc="d91daec2" sha1="fe74fe350e8e24720b17213e37b75af48c47ce58" offset="0x0000" /> </dataarea> </part> <part name="flop3" interface="floppy_3_5"> <dataarea name="flop" size="819264"> <rom name="cryllan mission 2088 - the second scenario, the (1990)(victory software)(disk 3 of 3)(outdoor).2mg" size="819264" crc="9e1169d6" sha1="93d9a0c808d4d37ab5704325f66370bf22600374" offset="0x0000" /> </dataarea> </part> </software> But the single rom sets and artwork all flew thru - i disabled the final crc check against mame when it renamed otherwise it failed on all Let me know if you want any more information or anything to test and i will happily oblige Brent
  16. I am so on the fence here guys. I started out on the renaming route but like you have ran into difficulties on some of the extra "tags" required - Acorn Atom for example needs different ramsize setup - Sord M5 behaves incorrectly using just standard -cart and a5200 issues to name a few. I think the CMD route would only work if one size fits all, but if its needed to modify (like I am doing from time to time) each CMD to be game specific then it would be quicker going softlist route. I am looking forward to trying out your renamer simmousm to see if it makes my mind up Multi disk games are an issue for me so hoping the renamer picks up the multi disks and renames accordingly. Brent
  17. Thoroughly tested over 7 days and using it as daily now. No problems reported here on Nvidia Shield. Loving the retroarch.cfg patch change, makes things much easier. Brent
  18. Well as a little tester - I went down the hash file renaming route and they work fine( on RA in both windows and Android). Not really a viable option as it would mean renaming of all graphics & videos within hyperspin. Doesn't look like CMD is broken nothing reported anyways. Plus I have tried most retroarch variants and still crashing. CMD is still listed as accepted filetype in the latest mame git info screen too. Are there a few android users out there with this working? I would love to go this route so I can carry on with the "standardized" hyperspin graphics naming and xml's. thanks Brent
  19. Currently trying with MAME 0.186 core from nightly tried with play store version too Do you have a mame.ini? if so I wouldn't mind a nose at it or your mame.cfg to see the settings re softlists or CLI also is folder mame case sensitive? I noticed my /config folder had a MAME created in it (all caps) whereas I have been using lower case mame in the system folder shield CMD file is... Filename: Ballblazer (USA).cmd ------CONTENTS---------- a5200 -cart "/storage/5ACA0207CA01E05D/roms/Atari 5200/Ballblazer (USA).a52" ----------------------------- I thought spaces were ok in the CMD file and roms dir, when I copied your example a5200 -cart "/storage/MYCLOUD/roms/Atari 5200/Activision Decathlon, The (USA).a52" It was already similar to my layout excerpt of Atari 5200.ini [exe info] rompath = /storage/5ACA0207CA01E05D/roms/Atari 5200/ userompath = true exe = com.retroarch/com.retroarch.browser.retroactivity.RetroActivityFuture romextension = cmd parameters = cores/mame_libretro_android.so searchsubfolders = false pcgame = false winstate = HIDDEN hyperlaunch = true I have just been trying to get it running fine through Retroarch first before moving into Hyperspin launching it as I cant see that being a problem. Guess I will have to do something for rooting the shield if I want to get log files easily. Thats my only unknown - retroarch stops responding error on all CMD file launches. I only "assumed" it is the same missing BIOS files as thats the error reproduced when retroarch crashes on windows pc though as you said you could never get it going on it i might be searching in the wrong spot Thanks for the response Brent
  20. OK so I have tried, tried and tried on this one and am reaching out for help. I used your batch file creator and setup the paths. Batch files all just dandy. Setup for shield but "path"ed a couple to the external hdd to test in windows environment. On shield running either latest from store or nightly - crash - logs are a PITA as its not rooted so I switched across to windows environment to see what was happening Same crashing constantly when trying to run these CMD files - it's not just a5200, but all of them (astrocde, gamecom, atom, intv to name a few) so it has to be a path issue I have tried stable, nightly and an older 1.4.1? version I wish (or I can't find where) that the log file showed where it looked for these things Error is the dreaded.... NAME: a5200 DESCRIPTION: Atari 5200 YEAR: 1982 MANUFACTURER: Atari 5200.rom NOT FOUND (tried in a5200 a5200) my CMD files look like this... Test one for Windows - FILENAME - Activision Decathlon, The (USA).cmd CONTENTS OF FILE - a5200 -cart "f:\roms\Atari 5200\Activision Decathlon, The (USA).a52" Ironically if I pass this command line straight into MAME mame64.exe a5200 -cart "f:\roms\Atari 5200\Activision Decathlon, The (USA).a52" then it and all the others work without a hitch I think it's also fair to say I have the BIOS files in just about every directory known to man too (haha though obviously not the one where its looking) system/mame/roms/a5200 - in there zipped and unzipped, plus a further sub directory zipped and unzipped system/mame/roms - a5200.zip in here f:\roms\Atari 5200 - a5200.zip in here, plus a sub directory with it zipped and unzipped haha and yes another sub dir with it again I have tried diff BIOS versions too - but I still have the all round problem of it not finding any of them Retroarch cfg is set to... system_directory = ":\system" I also have tried playing with the mame core setting turning off softlists? etc Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Brent output.log
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