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  1. I'm thinking of going LED, the cabinet didn't come with a monitor. What do you think? This is the kind of control panel I was thinking of making: (Found this image elsewhere, but it's what I'd like to do) And here's an image of my actual unit
  2. Once upon a time, my father and I bought a multicade for his den. It was the 60 in 1 built into a Pac-Mania arcade. The guy selling it also offered us an empty cabinet he had laying around for a significant discount and we took at as well The empty cab has been sitting in our garage for years, and now that we're cleaning it out we've decided to inject some life into it and finally fix it up, What we have is an old Nintendo Unisystem (Not my actual unit, but a picture to show what I'm working with as I'm not within reach of mine at the time of this post) Our particular one has a VERY faded Mario Bros. marquee and a Donkey Kong screen overlay, as well as that annoying metal crowbar over the coin slots. I'd like to give it a DK blue paint job to match the screen; but what I would love to do is completely overhaul the control panel; six buttons on each side for fighting games. I'm thinking of making a completely new one out of wood but I"m not sure if I should keep it the same size as the old one, or bring it out a bit to add more (possibly add a trackball if I'm feeling ambitious) What do you guys reccomend? This is our first time taking on a project like this and we want to do it right On an additional note, it requires cleaning but I'd be happy to sell the old control panel to anyone interested, the buttons are worn to hell though
  3. The original plan was to make it soley FIFjr. (Was hoping someone would get a ROM of it by the time I get started, since in my current position, it'll be a little bit before I can get my grubby mits on the cabinet) Though I might go the route of putting Hyperspin in it. I know it all depends, but do you have any reccomendations for computers?
  4. I found a place to get an empty shell of a nintendo arcade, so once I get that, I can get started on putting the graphics on. Quesiton though, what kind of computer did you put inside your cab?
  5. Just PM'd it. Though...I'm not sure if it went through or not. if it didn't I can email you my email
  6. I'm very new to Dropbox. How do I add someone as a reference? I'm hoping to get the files so I can try the project myself
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