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  1. Version 1.0.0


    This is a simple wrapped batch file that uses NIRSOFT nircmd to play a MP3 named and located C:\HyperSpin\Shutdown.mp3 Simply set this in HyperHQ to use when exiting hyperspin, it will play your MP3 then issue a shutdown on the computer. Disable power button to shutdown computer and use this to exit hyperspin and shutdown. Make nice seamless shutdown.
  2. Version 1.0.0


    This is a simple batch file wrapped in a exe that starts Joy2Key and then HyperSpin. Replace your shell entry in registry to have a nice seamless launcher.
  3. Version 1.0.0


    This beauty of a app allows me to set two buttons for volume up and down using standard joystick or joy2key input. Either way it can be programmed.
  4. Yeah I dug in but no luck. Lowering the resolution from recommended solved it for me - as far as front is concerned I cannot tell the difference as both Hyperspin and Emulators are not that high anyway. Doesn't seem to matter the rig specs. I ran this on my home rig which is a Core i7, SSD, 16GB Ram, Radeon R9 290x - same result. Just seems to be Hyperspin or Rocket Launcher having problems with second monitor.
  5. I figured this out, not overall happy but it works. My system is a core i5, Ati 6350 PCIe video card, 8GB ram and windows 7 - with HyperSpin Running as shell, not AV, updates everything is dialed off ( I'm a Software Specialist by trade) The system is tune as best as i can make it to run Hyperspin dedicated as front end. My issue again and again is same thing - Emulators acting slow or choppy when bezel's displayed. My final steps to fix this was lowering resolutiong from 1080p to 1280x800 - its a 24" monitor. However when HyperSpin is running you don't even notice the lower resoltuion, also any emulator or game you play would never be that high of resolution anyway. It worked choppy and slow are gone. I have tested this with my core system - main workstation which is a Core i7, 16, SSD and Radeon R9 270x - higher end workstation was also still choppy. I believe that RocketLauncher is not able to handle the display of bezels along with the emulator which is running at a much lower resolution. Regardless of system specs - if you resolution is set to max you will likely get slow or choppy or distorted sound. Anyone has questions throw me a line.... Cheers.
  6. This was actually a great setup - use Chrome and it will translate it for you. Worked perfect for me.
  7. Help me Ricky your my only hope. Just picked up Nintendo Vs Cab all ready to be turned into a Fix It Felix. Could I be given the access to the artwork.
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