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  1. there are none so blind as they who will not see. lol. Thanks. Don't know how I missed it.
  2. My Hyperspin setup works great with MAME, and SCUMMVM games, and the HS wheels only show what is installed. But on Nintendo Entertainment Settings, it shows a gazillion games, and only 10 are installed in the appropriate folder. 1. Where does HS go for the wheel information? 2. Why does it work differently for NES? did I miss a setting somewhere? thanks!
  3. I know this is an old thread, but probably worthy of a bump. I'm trying to figure out the effects/settings of changing the analog settings for the trackball in Golden Tee. I am using a 3" Happ arcade ball, with a Haswell i3 processor running Win7. The game is playable, but I keep hitting clubs around 70% (a guess) of the advertised distance. If someone has this working perfectly, I'd love to see your settings. THANKS!
  4. thanks. I cannot seem to get either sort (rocketlauncher or mame) to load from HS. If I run it straight from Mame, the Mame bezels load fine. I'm missing something somewhere. I was missing the ini files for that flavor, so I'm gettting smarter. appreciate the help.
  5. is there a required naming convention for bezel files? I'm having difficulties getting them to display.
  6. I had these exact same issue, until I disconnected my usb mouse I was using during setup. Then I had no issues with the trackball. lessson learned was " never have a regular mouse connected when you fire up RL or HS.
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