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  1. AH! That made much more sense. I fized the problem, so thanks for that! Also, quick question. Can you get onto EmuMovies right now? I keep getting an Error 504 so I can't get the video snaps I need for my NES menu
  2. So after using Don's ROM Renamer to audit most of my games, there were about 70 missing. I didn't really want those 70 in the romset anyway so I deleted the .7z files from the ROM location and replaced them with the .nes files from my temporary folder. After that, I went back to RLauncher UI and for some reason, after even rebooting and performing multiple system audits, it still sees those games in that folder and says they're still missing. What's going on? How can I get these games to be recognised? What exactly is RLauncher UI seeing and how can I fix it? Please, I really need help, so some would be greatly appreciated. Cheers!!~
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