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  1. Hello, I have installed Intelivision emulator and roms, but I can't get it to work when I run HyperSpin. I keep getting the following message: "Cannot find Matell Intelevision.xml."
  2. Hello MydknyteStyrm, Thank your for replying to my question. I found something in RocketLauncher that might be of help to me. Thank you very much for your kind help, I couldn't find anything on the forum about MAME or RocketLauncher resolution screens. Kindest regards, Donald.
  3. Is there a way to get MAME to run games in their native resolution? When I run games like Space Invaders, it fills the entire screen, making the graphics that much larger. I have MAME version 1.83. When I run Mame without HyperSpin, the resolution is 651x515, which is perfect for Space Invaders and other games, but when I run through HyperSpin, it fills the entire screen. Can I set the size of the screen through HyperSpin? Any help would be very much appreciated. Information: Operating System: Windows 7 Professional 64bt Graphic Cards: 2x Geforce GTX TITAN X Kindest regards, Donald.
  4. Hello, Thank you very much for the link, it was extremely helpful. Regards, Donald.
  5. Hello, Thank you for replying to my question. So it should be like this: D:\HyperSpin D:\Media
  6. Hello, I ran the software, and I got the following message: "HyperSync could not find any configured systems." What does that mean? I extracted the software to one of my spare drives and ran it from that location. I am a premium member. Do I need to be a paid-up member of Emu movies? Any help would be very much appreciated. Kindest regards, Donald.
  7. Hello Adamg, Thank you for that information regarding the folders. Although the Austin videos were informative, he did tend to go on a bit; I think they went on for an hour or more. The link you kindly gave me to the other Youtube videos were much better, straight forward and no-nonsense video that only lasted a few minutes, and the first part getting Hyperspin and Rocketlauncher up and running. I am at the point of adding the emulators and rom images. I thought I would do it all again, just for the fun of it - ha ha. Anyway, I would just like to thank you for the kind help you gave me; I think I would be still struggling if you hadn't given me the link to the more up-to-date videos. I will keep you informed of my progress. Kindest regards, Donald.
  8. Hello Adamg, I didn't think it right to open a dispute against the gentleman; I thought because I purchased the drive off him; he would more than willing to help me, but like I say he wasn't interested. I will do what you suggest. What do the Database, Media, Arcade, Modules and Profiles folder do? It appears the roms go into the Arcade folder under the relevant game console. Yes, it would have taken me months to download the games, more so because I don't have a very good connection at the moment. Kindest regards, Donald.
  9. Hello Adamg, Firstly, thank you very much for replying to my message. Looking in the Arcade section, there are rom images for every conceivable machine imaginable. Yes, I made a terrible mistake when buying the Hyperspin drive off Ebay; I imagined it running without any foreseeable problems, but as things turned out that wasn't to be. However, having said that, I would have had to search for the games, and that would have taken months, so in that respect, it was a good buy. Thank you for the link you provided, I am in the process of downloading them. The Austin videos were very good; I did manage to get Hyperspin up and running; it is just a matter of pointing it to my 5TB Hyperspin drive. I have tried on numerous occasions to contact the gentleman who I bought the drive off, but he as never replied to my email, so I have given up. In the database are emulators with the xml extension. Kindest regards, Donald.
  10. Hello, I'm hoping someone can help me. I guess I will start from the beginning. A few months ago, I purchased a 5TB Hyperspin drive off Ebay; the gentleman installed it for me, and everything worked fine, that was until a few days ago, it now only partly operates. When I say, "partially operates" I mean, it works but without the front end (I think that is what one calls it). Being new to this kind of thing, I foolishly installed backup files that came with the Hyperspin drive. I didn't overwrite the folder structure, i.e., database, arcade, media, setting and things that normally appear in the Hyperspin directory. I have been trying to fix the problem myself by following a gentleman on YouTube called "Simply Austin," and I managed to set up Hyperspin in conjunction with RockeLauncher. This was accomplished by using the following files, Hyperspin 1.3.3, Hyperspin 1.4 upgrades, Rocket Launcher and Rocket Launcher Media. I followed along and managed to get everything working. This had to be done on my laptop because when I tried to do the same thing on one of my spare hard drives on my PC, Bitdefender kept deleting the Hyperspin exe. My laptop doesn't have any virus, software installed, which made it easy to follow along with the tutorial. I installed the Hyperspin and Rocket Launcher system on my external 2TB hard drive. Could I do the same thing and install Hyperspin and Rocket Launcher on my 5TB Hyperspin Drive? Like I say, none of the files on the drive were deleted or altered in any way. I have provided an image called "Hyperspin 5TB drive file structure." When I installed the Hyperspin and RocketLauncher following Simply Austin's tutorial, once it was up and running, I rared the system using Winrar because I didn't want to do that all over again. So I have a working Hyperspin system that just needs to be unpacked to my 5TB Hyperspin Drive if that is possible. I also managed to disable Bitdefender and my Internet connection. Any more images or questions, please contact me.
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