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  1. thx thatman84! this is my second cab so i designed it to be more structurally stable and more cheaper as possible (but it's still a quite big expense) here the new photo to show the new plexiglass monitor cover. I was very happy to see that the IR sensor for the gun isn't blocked by the plexiglass. 👍
  2. And here, some photo of how actually my cab look... PS i have fulled my 1Tb Hyperspin HDD 😥 I think it's time to make a new PC for this cab😏 EDIT: wrong photo size i will upload the fixed version soon
  3. Digging in my phone i discovered this Photo made when i was building this cab...
  4. Thanks for sharing but please upload files to the correct section. Moving all these main menu wheels is a bit of a pig :)

  5. Rotating monitor will be very useful in case like this: new marquee configuration for flipper system (Future Pinball) Builded a lower door with a real coin mech, i work well with 0.984" coin (50cent euro or a quarter dollar) for some reason the mechanism are ""useless"" so it works with any coin I made some mistake with the color (Buyied a much glossy color, i fix it with a spray color) for the moment i leave it so, in future i probably wrap them with carbon look vinile Some random photo! i seriously need some tips on how to take good photo in the metal slug pictures you can see a sneak peek of my borderless bezel pack (link in signature)
  6. yes i have made the side art, It is not as difficult as it seems, selected the character, created a photoshop document with the exact measurements and printed adhesive vinyl, i drawed 2 or 3 version of the artwork , electronic, abstract... but this layout is what I liked most. i will make a google drive space in future, maybe i will make the PSD free for those who want it. When I was still planning the cab i have thinked about a way to rotate the screen in vertical position for the game that require that layout, but i have no experience in that sector, it's a ttto much advanced electronic for me actually.
  7. The entire cab is basically designed around the monitor, i have decided the width of the cab by the monitor width, and builted all the other things around it. changing it would require a lot of work I'm used to having 22-24inch monitors, so a 27" screen for me look soo big...
  8. I finally decided to post some photo of my dual monitor cabinet, started to build around 1 years ago using some part of my first cab (this is my second work) and building from zero the other, but there is still a lot of work to do! the main monitor is a 27" samsung, the upper screen it's a 25" LG ultrawide is used as "marquee monitor" . All the button and joystick are RGB, decals are self drawed (by me) and printed on vinyl adesive. Computer Spec: Windows 7 x64 , Intel Core I3 3220T, Motherboard Asrock H77 PRO4-M, 8Gb RAM DDR3, AMD Radeon HD7750, 1Tb WD Blue HDD here some fast (and old) photo of the cab and a little demostration of the LED + Marquee combination. I will make some better photo when i get the inspiration
  9. I don't use the genre button on my cab so i didn't know it precisely. The genre button doesn't support theme, they only show a image as background but not a fully theme like the other wheel. so if you have created a theme (with background and artwork and compressed in a zip file) actually you can't use it, you need to edit to use a single image... i'm trying to create a lightgun theme since i planned to make a specific wheel for the "MAME light gun games" in that case i can use a theme with no problem, the other games are sorted by manifacturer: Atari Classic, Campcom Classic, etc...
  10. Thx for the mention Avar! only one question the MAME theme making by Mykillvee (and the other user too) will be added to the official MAME theme folder on the FTP? It would make synch and update easier.
  11. Genre Theme it's a good idea, i'm making a specific lightgun wheel on my cab and i can't find a good theme to use. I have tried to make a new one but it sucks and i deleted it
  12. VoidWalker


  13. Damn i searched VIDEO in the forum before posting but that topic call it MEDIA as soon as possible i will try this solution
  14. strange problem here, in the Future Pinball wheel (every theme i use) it only show the video snap for the first game thata appaear on screen. When i switch to another game on the list the video not appear at all. all the video are .mp4 and if i fast switch to another game before the video is loaded it works perfectly but the next one will not load... i have all the hyperspin and rocketlauncher updated. i have FutureDMD that load auto from the EDS i tried to disabling or change some parameters but seems that not the problem.
  15. Hi everyone! I'm currently configuring Future pinball on my two monitor cab, i tried various method to show the DMD on the second monitor. Future DMD i think is the simplest, it run geat outside hyperspin but inside it never work (started it manually) i think it get covered by hypermarquee every time. is that a way to run future dmd togheter with the emulator? or again how i can show the DMD screen on my second monitor? maybe passing trought hyperpin? i tried to add this line to the futurepinball ahk ad suggestion of the futuredmd pdf file but has not worked the second monitor are black 9 on 10 Run, "%emuPath%\FutureDMD.exe" close=1 table="%tableName%",,hide UseErrorLevel
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