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  1. Awesome thanks for this... And nice to know you guys appreciate month python
  2. AAARGGGHHHHHHHHH!!! Sorry, that's what your list of commands did to my poor mind! ehhe Yeah, I noticed in the system tray, sometimes, I'll see about 6-8 HP logos, so does that reflect what you are talking about with winactivates? Keep in mind, I don't recall having ANY loss of focus issues, this is the only problem I've come across so far that I can recall. Wait, that's not true, HP and fplaunch both haven't made me a cup of coffee yet but since I hate coffey, they're still winners with me!
  3. My only issue is after running a few tables (5?) HP becomes slow, to the point where its not feasible to use the skip by letter option as its just as slow as going one wheel at a time. I don't think this always occurs though. Using Win 7 64bit, I hope that is not the culprit!
  4. Well then, I guess I'm wrong! How long of a black screen are you talking about?
  5. You have an ATI card? I do and I think I remember those with nvidia cards don't have as long a black screen as we with ATI GPU's.
  6. Blur: I can confirm I've gotten your FPLaunch to work on two different Win 7 64 bit PC's, so it is compatible, I assure you.
  7. You mean setting a different windows volume table on every table launch?
  8. Yeah, my preference for the windows volume control is because we aren't limited to VP or even FP (for example, that other commercial pinball game supported). I appreciate that it looks like it will be part of it soon, VERY cool .
  9. I do not know if this has been suggested previously (this is a longgg thread) but one thing I would love to see is the ability to access the windows sound level from within the hyperpin pause menu? Left flipper could lower the sound, right flipper could raise it and you could have a graph showing from 0 to 100 for volume control.
  10. Yep, and according to someone else' post, it might be a little brighter than the one I got, the orange model just looks fantastic Doesn't matter, I'll see how mine is and take it from there, I'm on a heck of a budget and just need to save on the DMD to put that 100 bucks on other components. I just hope it does the job, red or orange, you figure it has to be better than having to install a third LCD and second video card and it will certainly have more of a DMD authentic look.
  11. Son of a gun, future electronics are fast shippers. They're in the states, I'm in rural Canada , they shipped it last night and I got the shipment today! Too bad I wasn't home, so FedEx will try and accept shipment tomorrow. As mentioned in my past post, I ordered the Red one. I'm sure it will do the job and if I ever upgrade in the future, I'm sure the red will be easy enough to sell: http://www.futureelectronics.com/en/technologies/semiconductors/optoelectronics/leds/Pages/1351709-LEE-128G032B.aspx?IM=0 It's going to be a long month before I get that board! Gak!
  12. I cracked and got the red led, looking forward to receiving it and the driver board
  13. Hey Chris! Nice to see you, hope all is well! FP is sure looking fantastic dude, well done to you and your team! Rob
  14. Nicely done, I hope to build one someday soon (probably not in 2009 though). Very polished look to the front end.
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