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  1. Hi 32assassin. Thanks for the quick response. I will try this and respond back with results.
  2. Hi All, Newbie here with some issues: I just finished wiring up my 4 player control panel using an IPAC4. Player 1 = 7 buttons Player 2 = 7 buttons Player 3 = 4 buttons Player 4 = 4 buttons three extra buttons ESC, TAB, ENTER 1 trackball and 2 associated buttons (Left & Right mouse buttons). I have installed/setup hyperspin and rocket launcher. I have only added 3 emulators (MAME, NEOGEO & DAPHNIE). After watching multiple simply austin vids I believe i have installed all programs correctly, and since i am able to play all roms without any kinks. However, i have just encountered something that really took the wind from my sails. My friend and I were playing SF2; i got my butt kicked the first round. I realized that my P2 buttons 3-6 were not working. I escaped out of hyperspin and checked my IPAC4 keyboard checker and they checked out. So, i go into my MAME emulator located in my hyperspin folder and boot up MAME (Not through Hyperspin) and checked the Global controls, i found buttons 3-7 were not mapped under player 2. Therefore, i mapped these buttons through the use of my control panel. Now, thinking i have corrected the problem, boot up hyperspin, go into MAME and re-start SF2. The controls work after the mapping, however a new problem arises. During battle my buttons suddenly are remapped: P2 Button 3 becomes ESC P2 Button 2 becomes P1 down P2 Button 4 becomes P1 up So, i shut down hyperspin and restart hyperspin and again go into SF2. Same button re-mapping result, however for a new kicker, after i exit out of hyperspin the MAME emulator is still running in a window not tied to hyperspin!! I have no clue what is going on. I really appreciate if someone can shed some light onto what is going on with my setup. I know there are multiple issues here so any help would be greatly appreciated. I really am excited about this arcade panel and this is really a set back for me. Thanks in advance
  3. Hi Everyone, I am a first time MAME arcade cabinet builder and very excited about this project. I have been reading article after article and tutorial after tutorial, and i very, very confused of where to start. So, let me give explain my adventure so far. I have downloaded the latest version of MAME .184, also i have the matching MERGED rom set .184. I would like to use a nice front end like hyperspin, so I have downloaded and setup hyperspin and rocketlauncher (per simply austin tutorials). I added the MAME emulator and complete MERGED ROM set within HS & RL. Now this is where the confusion comes in; Several ROMs are not able to be loaded/played through MAME after I set-up MAME in hyperspin. Am i suppose to split the Merged ROM set? If so how do I go about doing that. Any help would be appreciated, thank you in advance.
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