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  1. baddea14

    HyperSpin 1.5.1 Public Release

    i really happy to see development move on ..:) i prefer if there more support for video themes i try to display menu interface image ,i can see icon but menu work behind video theme . HYPERSPIN 1.5.1 WELCOME
  2. baddea14

    HyperSync + EmuMovies = True Love 25% Off

    why hyperspin have bad link in all coupon post i lose my discount this day after getting old coupons for 25$ discount in emumovies i know that after purchase complete i think that i paid 45$ for lifetime members but after paid i see it 60$ with platinum member thank you hyperspin for features and that shit . to support , support ticket etc ,,,, do something for us.
  3. baddea14

    25% Enumovies discount

    Me two i have platinum member and i find that shit post i decide to subscribe with lifetime member in emumovies for the discount 25% but owtch i think that the coupon is expire i know that after purchase for who is responsible for that if that coupon is expire so who f#$##@ owner that post expire coupon most remove it and return our money for that reason .
  4. baddea14

    Do you like HYPERSPIN??????

    i like hyperspin but it look like missing many features like screen pin code (Parental code ) that included with wiiflow or kodi as example. the main advantage is to protect family age from playing roms or movies it is good feature to waiting to be release with new updates of hyperspin . i hope also there more option for layout for covers and native filter and search form hyperspin .
  5. baddea14

    PC Games Hyperspin Need quick help

    Can i using bat files without exe for some emulator i am missing some modules where i can getting them!