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  1. I do use Rocketlauncher. In the Wheel settings is says HyperLaunch or MAME to load roms, but I am guessing it actually uses RocketLauncher?
  2. When I set my mane wheel option to load using hyperlaunch I'm getting errors and access denied to certain ROMs. If I set it back to use Mame directly under HQ it works fine. Anyone have any ideas why this would be happening?
  3. magneteye


    Yeah, i have those files. Are there settings to make sure it crops the bezels and not shrink the game size?
  4. magneteye


    How can I use bezels but only on the sides of the screen? I dont want the game size altered.
  5. I just got my Recroommasters cabinet built and running hyperspin and mame. When I am playing games, if you hit certain two player buttons they seem to be doing something (moving up/down in wheel) in hyperspin and it minimizes mame. Really annoying. Why is hyperspin responding at all when I'm in mame and how can I fix this issue? Thanks!
  6. Perfect. That will probably do it. Didn't realize there were older version there.
  7. I'm looking for an xml file that removes all the mahjong, puzzle, quiz games etc. for use with MAME 0.149. Anyone have this?
  8. My mistake. "Default Plugin" wasn't set to Hyperspin. MAME working now.
  9. magneteye


  10. So I have been trying to figrue this out. I have MAME and NES configured, roms all audit ok and I can run games from RocketLauncher. In HyperSpin I hit enter and nothing happens. I checked my path in settings.ini, and it is fine. What else could it be? Thanks!
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