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  1. Hello All, So I am in the process of getting the toys together for my first build off, I wanted to see what my options are and the cost factor and just reading this entire thread about the LedWiz and Arduino as an alternative. While I like the Arduino I do not think it a worthy contender as an alternative so I google search the net and low and behold I believe I have found a real alternative. The price may be a con vs a pro, but this little friend has 64 outputs and pmw controllable, I sent in a tech support ticket to these guys and they said this will work when they compare the spec's of the LedWiz. Just a little re-coding and it should work hmmm, time to get this thread kicking again. Maybe Mr. Silver or some here can tell us that, I plan on buying if some can confirm this would work and possible expanding LedWiz config file for all these outputs. And it supports multiple programming languages all the info is on the Link, Ok here is the link to the Phidget Led 64 http://www.phidgets.com/products.php?product_id=1032 Cheers
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