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  1. Just to show off my build after all the fantastic support from this forum. Many hours spent reading and configuring, soldering and editing text files. Currently has Mame, Neo Geo, Amiga, Specrum and 20+ joystick friendly steam games up and running. (Have several more emulators ready but just need controls to be configured). Many many thanks to you all and in particular Simply Austin for all his fantastic youtube tutorials! GV
  2. Thanks for this. Will take a look.
  3. Hi, I have been searching for different special artworks. Ideally I would like to have one showing an xbox controller and another showing a joystick. They don't need to be animated, its just to indicate the control scheme for each different emulator. Does anyone have these already or know of a free software in order to create them? Many thanks! G
  4. I am currently in the process of converting a PandoraBox cabinet into a Mame machine and so purchased a Jamma -> USB card. The card is seen in windows (10 64 bit) as two 3H Dual Arcade controllers but when I go to check the joysticks or buttons the PC is not receiving any of the inputs. I could have a broken card or the wiring in this cabinet is not standard Jamma. Can anyone tell me if the wiring for PandoraBox is standard? (When I connect everything back up it all works with the PandoraBox cartridge). I have uploaded a pic of the card incase anyone recognises it. (All I did was remove the Pandorabox cartridge and connect this card in its place.) Appreciate any help / support!
  5. Putting together a PC for installation in a jamma cabinet. Can you tell me which systems work well just having joystick and button inputs? (2 Joysticks, 6 buttons each player plus pinball buttons on the side, coin entry, 1 & 2 player start) Appreciate any help.
  6. Dons HyperSpin Tools are a god send! Thanks again for pointing me in the right direction with the databases. Got my head around it now.
  7. Many thanks Avar! Exactly what I was looking for. What rabbit hole have I started down now? Time to start renaming roms.
  8. Firstly let me thankyou all for such a great resource and after many hours reading I finally have a set-up that I can be proud of and all down to you guys. I have a small question regarding the configuration of the emulators game database. When I configure the systems through Rlauncher it asks for a rom directory and then I set it to make a database based upon this. However I have since aquired additional ROMS but they are not showing up. I can get them to show by deleting the system in RLauncher and then recreating it. My question is, is there a way to force a refresh / renew of the database without the deletion/addition? Appreciate any help you could give.
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