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  1. Im having same issue , can anyone elaborate on how to set the fadetitle for this game? - or others im having same issue with>? - tia
  2. thanks so much guys , this has been bugging me
  3. Hi, I have the following slight annoyance, one one of my themes it has a waggling joystick icon , but it is right in the middle of the screen , does anyone know how to remove it or make it at the bottom of the screen? Thanks in advance
  4. yes , i have tried bezels that work on other games and they do not work with donkey kong ?
  5. Sorry guys i know this must be simple , but its doing my head in now all bezels in mame are working ok , set to use the mame one , bezels enabled etc for some reason dkong (donkey kong) will not show bezels its enabled everywhere even in mame tab menu I have even copied and renamed dkong3 bezel that works on dkong3 , but even that still dont work Please can anyone help as its becoming personal TIA
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