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    Mame ini files and shaders,

    Hi all, been messing around for a few weeks trying to work out how to go about this but havn't been able to work out a good way to go about it. Basically I am trying to setup rocketlauncher/hyperspin/mame and have different hlsl scanline shader settings for different wheels. For example I have 1 wheel setup using bezels with rounded corners so I use the rounded corner setting in the shader setting to make them fit the bezel. Then in another wheel I'll be using bezels that are square but it will use the default shader settings in the raster.ini and use rounded corners which I don't want with the square bezels. So as far as I can work out I can make rom specific ini files for whatever I have less of to make the shaders right, although that would end up pretty time consuming. The other thing which I havn't tried yet is make a second mame folder and have 1 mame setup with shader settings for each bezel type in rockerlauncher and use mame1 and mame2 depending on the bezel type. I found an option in rocketlauncher in the module settings for an ini path and have tried to use that but couldn't seem make that work. If that does what I want should the ini files be named? I tried putting a mame.ini and raster.ini in a path and set that to it but it seemed to just use the default ini still. So is there an easy way to do this? Did I bugger the inipath option somehow or is that not what that does? Are you guys doing something like this a different way that I've overlooked? Thanks.
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