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HyperSync, HyperList and FTP are now back online ×


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  1. HyperSync worked like a charm. Moving on to setting up Amiga now. Getting conflicting information from reading different threads on this forum. In order to get the Amiga ROMS to work, do you need the "rom.key" file which technically only comes from purchasing Amiga Forever?
  2. Looks like the issues was related to WinRAR somehow. I installed 7zip and we are back in business. Thanks!
  3. Just disabled Defender. Tried to download it from Chrome, Firefox, and IE, all same results when extracting.
  4. That's the version I've been trying to install. Empty folder, but when I extract it errors out. I've tried it on multiple computers too.
  5. OK I got MAME and NES working ok. I tried to setup Amiga but failed, I'll come back to that later. My next step in this rebuild process was to download and run HyperSync, but no luck. Are there issues with HyperSync? First issue is when I extract it, I got an error "unknown method in HyperSync Cloud.exe. I tried to ignore the error and launched the Cloud.exe and I get Cloud.exe is not a valid win32 application. Any help appreciated.
  6. Working on a brand new install from scratch. So far so good. Just dumped over my 0.219 roms.
  7. Thanks for the quick reply. One last question, currently running MAME 145. Can I continue to use that or must I hunt down the latest version+roms?
  8. Been awhile, roughly 6 years. I setup a couple of systems back in 2013 and I haven't touched them since. Both systems have and continue to work fine for the most part (sometimes when I leave the system running I get the Flash ! error). Other than that, no issues. I currently have Hyper HQ controlling everything and I'm currently running MAME and Daphne. However, with the COVID-19 work from home restrictions in place, I finally have the time and energy to get Amiga running. I started following the Amiga tutorial from this site and everything was going good until it got to the section where I needed Rocketlauncher and that is when I found out RL doesn't work with 1.3.0, unless I missed something. So my question is, I want to ultimately get Amiga, NES, and SNES running. Do I stick with my 1.3.0 setup or do I upgrade or do a fresh install to get to 1.51?
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