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  1. Tried numerous times to get MS-Dos to work with Dosbox, Rocketlauncher, HyperSpin without success. Read module notes implemented a few thing which failed re-read the notes until my head exploded. I then said bugger it and deleted the 376 gb of games I downloaded. I desperately need a guide to set this bloody system up and running, so is anyone up for the task Would be extremely grateful
  2. In Retroarch, once you have got the screen to fit the bezel you have to save the new configuration (make note of what it saving it as) ie for Sony Playstation it might save as mednafen_psx_libreto.cfg Then go your Retroarch folder and open the config folder Look for the config file you just you just saved and change it to the systems config name overwriting the old one so menafen_psx_libreto.cfg would be renamed to Sony Playstation.cfg
  3. did you get your bezel problem sorted
  4. Did you ever manage to get Microsoft MS-DOS up and running? I have just finished down loading exodos v2.0 games (376gb) 

    And was wondering if you had any advice on getting them running on HyperSpin (using Dosbox) 

    Anh help appreciated.

    Thanx Steven


  5. Sorry to bother you

    Did you ever manage to get Microsoft MS-Dos exodos collection v 2.0 of games to run with HyperSpin.

    Busy downloading it at the mo but rather puzzled with the setup of this systyem.

    Cheers Steven


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