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  1. Hope this might help someone else out who has a Virtupin cab. I just called Paul (at Virtuapin) and explained the issue and he directed me to the Hyperpin exe which had to be changed from Hyperpin= hyperpin.exe to Hyperpin=Virtuapin.exe
  2. Platinum Supporter 421 posts Location:York, Pa. USA Flag: United States of America Favorite Pinball: Attack from Mars Posted Today, 08:09 AM After installing the latest wip10FPLaunch I am getting an error where Hyperpin has stopped working. When I launch Hyperpin the table renders and appears OK on my screen, but when I push the play button (Virtuapin cabinet) I get the message "must be in same directory as hyperpin exe". Can anyone tell me what went wrong and how to fix it? I can still play tables OK by launching through the editor
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