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  1. Yeah it don't work, I tested it but I just wanted to make sure I was not doing anything wrong.
  2. Is this version compatible with Vista 64? I updated the exe's but none of them load. I have to open task mgr. to close them as well.
  3. Visitor Q

    Visitor Q

  4. Thanks. Can't wait to try this later today!
  5. A little off topic but what kinda comic books did you collect?
  6. Awesome Jim. Chris is a great guy who really knows his stuff, you are very lucky... Those are some really great titles! <---I own a MB, my first pin. So whats it like to be rich? hehehehe
  7. I guess you haven't played the yoshizuki tables, MM rox!
  8. Let's hope because I think that is there biggest draw back. Right now VP crushes FP in terms of recreating tables and that is what I mainly like to play. Some of the FP are excellent but there is also a lot of crap. Word of advice, don't ever by a real pinball machine, there like a drug... Very addictive! I can’t wait to by another!!!
  9. rec.games.pinball is awesome but seriously... This over an arcade cab!?
  10. I wish FP pinball had more recreated tables, I really enjoy VP because of it rom support. Cool project, how much $$$ do figure its gonna run you? Hey wait... Bill? Did you build a cab yet?
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