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  2. I worked out most of my FPLaunch WIP 10 issues today except for one. I can't get FP tables to Pause/Exit. I have FP configured to pause with the right mouse button and that is working. While playing an FP table in Hyperpin using FPLaunch my 'e' and 'p' keys do nothing, a right mouse button will pause the table and show high scores, and ESC is the only way I can exit the table back to the Hyperpin wheel. In VP the 'e' and 'p' keys are working fine. They bring up the exit menu with a short press and exit the table 3,2,1 with a long press. Any ideas?
  3. I've never tried WPF but I can say that databinding is available in standard windows forms. I use it all the time in GUI's I develop. Like I have one I'm working right now that controls a focuser on a large 1.6 meter telescope. I have a focuser class with a Connected property and a Position property. Using databinding I have all the controls on the focuser's GUI page greyed out and as soon as the Connected property goes true they all automagically enable. And I have a seven segment display control that shows the focuser position and it automatically updates whenever the Position property of the focuser class changes. You just need to implement INotifyPropertyChanged for your class and have each property do the notification in the set part of the property. Gil
  4. Hey I'm just starting out and skimmed through this trying to figure out if I will need an LEDWiz or if there was something else I could use. I've done some Arduino work and I've done a couple side jobs for a local telescope shop where we created USB based hardware and I wrote all the embedded code using for the Atmel chips. We've been through all the Windows driver winqual mess to certify our USB driver as well. We used to use the ATMega 162 but now have moved to the ATMega128. Anyways when I saw you talking about the lack of memory and processor speed on the Arduino I remembered seeing an article a few months ago where Arduino came out with a new version that uses an ARM Cortex-M3 core running at 84 MHz with 96K of SRAM and a boatload of I/O pins. If you could switch over to that it should be smokin fast. Gil
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