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  2. Mameman....I blame you...I mean I thank you for sparking my interest in a CNC machine. Last year I saw one of your videos and googled crcrp4848 and found cncrouterparts.com. And now I've just finished building one of their 4'x4' Pro machines with Nema 34 electronics. I'm still kinda learning everything since I'm new to CNC. Don't worry no plans to become a cabinet maker. I've got some initial interest in using it to make some wooden clock parts and 3D artwork decorations. Gil
  3. I love the design I ended up with. It's a 42" Samsung that I can lift straight out the top of the cabinet after I remove the glass. I can work on everything inside the cabinet while the back of the cab is sitting tight up against the wall. I build the cabinet to fit the TV...I believe my inside dimension was one inch larger than a standard cabinet. Sure you gotta order a custome lockdown bar but it's such a small cost compared to the whole project I wouldn't build a cab around the size of a lockdown bar. Buy a TV, decase it, then build the cab to fit. I also wanted the back end of my screen as close to the glass as possible so I was able to have my TV to glass distance in the back set to 2" and still was able to install a custom 2" 5 LED light bar I had Zeb make for me. I really need to update my thread with some completion pictures.
  4. I worked out most of my FPLaunch WIP 10 issues today except for one. I can't get FP tables to Pause/Exit. I have FP configured to pause with the right mouse button and that is working. While playing an FP table in Hyperpin using FPLaunch my 'e' and 'p' keys do nothing, a right mouse button will pause the table and show high scores, and ESC is the only way I can exit the table back to the Hyperpin wheel. In VP the 'e' and 'p' keys are working fine. They bring up the exit menu with a short press and exit the table 3,2,1 with a long press. Any ideas?
  5. Ok sounds good. It doesn't matter to me whether it's using tabs or spaces....I was just trying to figure out if that played a factor in the field disappearing on rewrite. Here's something I noticed. When I first started I emptied out my VP XML. Then I used PIND to download the Attack From Mars Night Mod that was listed as a latest release. What happens is it downloads the table, the media pack, roms, etc. but what you end up with if you then resync with Hyperpin is two entries for the table. You get an entry with the non night mod version showing that it has all the media and roms but the table is missing. And you get a second entry with the night mod version showing you have the rom and the table but all the media is missing. So PIND went out and found the right media but it seemed like since the names in the media file weren't the same as the table it didn't associate them to the night mod. But I did already have some of the media already in the Hyperpin media directories so I'm not sure if that played a factor.
  6. I'd still like to know how to delete the items I circled in red:
  7. I found the problem in my XML. Not sure how it got this way but the first table was missing the year field: <game name="250cc (Inder) (1992)"> <description>250cc (Inder) (1992)</description> <manufacturer>Inder</manufacturer> <type>SS</type> <enabled>yes</enabled> </game> Adding "<year>1992</year>" before the type field fixed the XML and got Hyperpin working again. I had backed up my XML before I started and it had that table listed like this: <game name="250cc (Inder) (1992)"> <description>250cc (Inder) (1992)</description> <manufacturer> </manufacturer> <year> </year> <type>SS</type> </game> As a test I just changed that table back to having the empty fields like above and then tried all the operations I had done...Resync with Hyperin...Match with ipdb.org...and then downloaded a table. It appears that if you select to add the table to Hyperpin that the XML is rewritten. I ended up with the year start and end tag being on different lines but it wasn't deleted like had happened before. I also notice my original XML uses spaces instead of tabs like pind. But I had also used Hyperpin Manager to modify a table name so there's a chance it also could have messed up the XML. Anyways I can't repeat the steps that caused the year to get deleted. So I guess its just something to look out for anyone who ends up with Hyperpin looking dead at startup.
  8. Yeah I had to leave the house for awhile. Just got back and reverted to an older XML and Hyperpin is working again. I should be able to isolate what Hyperpin doesn't like about the pind version of the XML.
  9. I don't know what happened but now Hyperpin has nothing but a black screen after it plays the intro. I swear I spend more time trying to configure my machine than playing games.
  10. After looking at it this afternoon I don't think anything is wrong with my Hyperpin XML files cause I just saw a similar thing happen to a table. My Cactus Canyon was named with Bally instead of Midway so some of the downloaded media wasn't matching up. So I manually changed the table name and updated the Hyperpin XML and now I've got two copies of Cactus Canyon showing up in pind but the Bally version has the pinball greyed out. I don't see any way to get it deleted from the database. In the same manner the blank table at the top and one additional table appear to be ghost entries stuck in the database. What is the proper way for me to fix a naming situation like I had and how to get it so that I only have one entry in the database. I keep having to use Hyperpin Manager to fix naming issues.
  11. Ok sounds good. I'll try a different browser. I've a done a bit of webpage design here and there so I know how much of a pain IE can be...I used to know way more CSS hacks for IE than I ever wanted to. Are you talking about sending the XML files in the Hyperpin directory for FP and VP? If so I could do that but it would be several hours before I get home. Actually before I started PIND yesterday I made a backup of the XML and then deleted everything inside the MENU tag because I wanted to start it fresh. I only had a handful of tables so far so it wouldn't be a big deal. Am I right that PIND is assuming the media files are all under the Hyperpin Media directory? To be honest my media is a mess because I haven't been able to decide if I wanted to use Hyperpin or PinballX. I like aspects of both programs but it seemed like Hyperpin will never be updated and I was having a few issues with the FPLaunch script so I started using PinballX. Initially PinballX is making copies of all my media files into where it likes to store it. I just noticed yesterday that I can modify the Hyperpin media folders to wherever I like but I can't remember if that's allowed in PinballX. So I thought I could just point Hyperpin over to the PinballX media folders and keep both programs working but PinballX keeps backglass images and videos seperate and Hyperpin only plays the backglass videos if they are in the images directory. It would be best if everyone writing front ends and tools would allow media files to be stored at any user selected location. I'm also creating a lot of my own videos and I'm sure I'm not following any correct naming convention. PinballX doesn't really care what you name a file because you associate the media through it's Game Manager. Hyperpin wants the media to match the table name.
  12. I got this installed and running today. It was fairly easy to follow the instructions. For the Windows SDK I wasn't sure if I needed to check any of the add-on since one of them was SQL related but I just unchecked them all and it worked. I didn't get the automatic startup method to work. I got the service to install and I see the Pinball Daemon listed in services as started but when I goto localhost I get a 404 error. I can goto c:\Games\node-pind and type "node app" and then refresh the page and it works. My list of tables doesn't look as nice as what you have on your webpage. Mine is basically the same except the Hyperpin pinball icon beside each file is like 3" in diameter for every file listed. I get a blank entry at the top of the listing with no name and no associated files and I don't see anything wrong in the XML except maybe my Future Pinball list is empty right now. Some of my media and tables were renamed using the Hyperpin Manager program so I don't know if I will end up with doubles from my name being a little different. And it doesn't look like I can navigate it to a missing media file. I use a lot of videos for the backglass...would be nice to have that as an additional media item....as well as B2S server files. I must say it was kinda scary when you execute "npm install -d". I could swear it looked like hackers were installing a porn server...lol. Finally....this looks like it was a boatload of work...thanks for all your efforts.
  13. Did you buy your cabinet panels or make them yourself because I think it would be cheaper to just make a bigger cabinet to fit the TV you have. Plus I don't like the designs where the TV slides into a slot from the back. I designed mine so the TV lifts out from the top and I can build and service everything inside my cabinet without pulling it away from the wall.
  14. Oh no need. I hit the local electronics store yesterday and got the connector to fix the ribbon cable. I was just bummed on Sunday because they weren't open. But it turned out I had plenty enough wiring of the contactors to keep me busy till yesterday. So I wasn't expecting the contactors to make a big difference in how it felt to play the tables but boy was I wrong. It just made it start to feel like a real game when you can almost feel the vibration near your hands and the bumper contactors firing around various locations inside the cab...totally awesome. The only thing I'd like to change is the shaker is like 20 times louder than everything else. I gotta figure out a way to quiet it down or I might have to disconnect it. I had family upstairs in the house complaining they couldn't sleep...lol. And I'm just realizing I don't have anything to handle all the coin door connections plus a few of my other front cab buttons. I guess I could check into whether the I/O on the nanotech plunger could be used to handle some of the remaining stuff. BTW...the extra ball output on the boards...is that meant to be used as an indicator only to show that you've earned an extra ball or as a switch input to buy an extra ball. I thought it was the earlier until last night I noticed some tables allow you to buy an extra ball. I don't remember that being an option when I was a kid playing. Thanks, Gil
  15. Thanks I'll take a look at that Mod. So I was just hooking up my first contactor to test if its working. Just my luck after troubleshooting it turned out to be a defective ribbon cable. The conductor wasn't making contact through the connector where it was squeezed onto the cable. And of course no where in town I can buy another connector today. ;(
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