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    Sorry for the recent downtime. Still much to do but we have the site updated, secure and back online.  Expect more changes.


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  1. Is there any folder in the FTP where I can find all recent creations?

    You can find an older archive of MAME wheels on the FTP @ /Gold Member Downloads/MAME/Wheels/MAME (Wheel Standard) (HS Minted) (v.144).zip, last updated 19/07/2013.

    Platinum Members can use HyperSync, which allows you to automatically download content hosted on HyperBase. I've also noticed some users upload HyperBase content to their FTP folders - although it's usually discouraged...

    Short of just downloading the previews sometimes linked here, I don't know what else to suggest. If you're starting afresh, or just need wheels for most of the popular and common games - I think that the zip at the URL above is more than suitable. From there, most of the other wheels exist simply for the sake of completeness. A majority of these are either just upgrades to existing wheels, or new wheels for the countless number of bootlegs, clones and foreign titles that MAME just happens to support.

  2. zx54xUl.png

    pitboss - The Pit Boss (2214-4) + 4 clones

    Uploaded to HyperBase

    There's literally no art of "The Pit Boss", it's only ever "Pit Boss" for some reason.

    - I've also uploaded wheels from some recent themes as upgrades to wheels that I thought were inferior or sourced from artwork other than the marquee; skydiver, turtles, machomou, vstlevna, madcrash, silentdu, powerdrv, subs, horshoes and a few more. Sorry if I replaced a wheel you made! It's ultimately up to baddeolv and company to see if they're really "better". Thanks to mattedsmith, Fire10, Sub-Zero, THK, Donnie1979, thatpurplestuff among others for those wheels.

    - Uploaded an actual nbamht wheel to replace the previous (which was just a copy of the nbahangt wheel). Don't know where I got it though.

    - Silent Dragon now has a different wheel for each of its variations (World, Japan and US). Yay!

  3. rqB9T6v.png

    vformula - Virtua Formula

    This is afaik the exact same game as Virtua Racing, but instead features a first person point-of-view (for the deluxe hydraulic-powered cabinets). I tried to mimic the existing vr wheel, and I think it turned out pretty good.

    Uploaded to HyperBase

  4. Hey Mack, had to deny a few wheels. They need to be exactly 175x400. Use extra canvas to meet the requirements if you have to :). They look great otherwise

    I remember reading somewhere a long time ago that the requirement was that the image needed to be exactly 400px wide - but could be any height up to 175px. Has this changed or have I just been mistaken this entire time?

    Anyways I'll keep this in mind for future wheels and alter the ones that have been denied recently.

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